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  1. Why do you throw that line instead of the forehead?

  2. Can I have some help evolving a Kadabra into an Alakazam?

  3. You can play the tournament under the events tab and you are guaranteed to get some sort of distance driver.

  4. It won’t let me click on the events tab, do I need to do something to unlock it or is my game broken?

  5. I would see if you need to update your game

  6. Yeah every disc I don’t use gets sold

  7. EG BS musket is a good bridge while you work through the early stages especially for the cost

  8. Your Pro Tour Rating is determined by the average of your last 10 Multiplayer rounds and last 12 Pro Tour rounds, with Pro Tour rounds weighted twice as much as Multiplayer rounds.

  9. Thanks for the info! No more roller only rounds before pro tour lol.

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