1. This place was so fucking incredible watching it. Just in all paranormal means. It's honestly the only place I want to ghost hunt. But the intelligence of the spirits here with communication. Blows my mind.

  2. Someone tell me what's wrong with this. Obviously my family wasn't royal we were coal miners.

  3. But also Jake wouldn't take things seriously and that grinds my gears too

  4. Because Jake didn’t believe in any of it. He has said many times he doesn’t believe in religion or ghosts or whatever. Basically he was leading a disingenuous persona online.

  5. I'm not gonna lie. I watch Twin Paranormal ( 10/10) and was extremely disappointed this past weekend when they had a guest and it was....you guessed it, Corey. They both just are kinda disappointing:/

  6. Are the earlier episodes as good as the newer ones?

  7. Yes, I definitely think so. They are just missing some equipment that they have now.

  8. I feel like their guests sometimes don't take things seriously. I get the comedy, but they aren't adding anything to it. I feel like I'd rather have a fan on the show. And no offense to Amanda, but with Mackie she is much more enjoyable.

  9. I feel the same way, especially with Sam and Colby. If you don't have anyone with you that is serious about the actual ghost hunting, then there doesn't seem to be as much evidence. Given I have watched almost every episode from both Sam and Colby, Seth, Josh, and the Twins. By far the twins with Wyatt and Nik are superior in all that they do.

  10. Me. I have a haunted Orphanage in my town. I would do anything to be able to join in on an investigation.

  11. I live vicariously through pewdiepie. His videos always leave me in tears

  12. It's an anglerfish squishmallow with a Shiba inu hat from Japan on it. Lol

  13. I’d say just just the torso a little, looks off there

  14. The line where the arm creases in on the left is what's tripping me up. Extending the torso slightly may help.

  15. Thought those were different shaped wands lol

  16. Remember that propranolol is not a solution for everyone. It has helped me, as slowing my heartbeat makes my brain think I'm not panicked. But it doesn't work for everyone. Consult your psychiatrist. That is their job. Best of luck, finding medications can be tough.

  17. "Don't be afraid" My ass. I cant even run, but I would limp walk so fast away from these.

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