Chapter 169 [English]

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German female bully slaps boy because he refused to hit a girl, instantly regrets it by getting punched in the mouth by said boy, seeks angry revenge only to instantly regretting it again by getting thrown on the floor by him

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  1. One of my friends consistently sleeps for 2-4 hours a night. He said you're tired when you wake up but you get used to it and your body adapts.

  2. Nah, no shot. If we get a bam vs endorsi 2, and if that match is the decider of Baam's fate, one of them will just throw. Either Endorsi, to let Baam control his own fate, or Baam because marrying Endorsi would be much more pleasant than whatever ranker he would have to fight after her.

  3. At this point isn't Bam as strong as a high ranker? He fought Kallavan and did alright and has received a massive power up since then. He fought multiple high rankers during the Nest arc and was able to do well.

  4. This almost feels premature. The leafs need to sign sandin and are over the cap. Their off season still isn't over at this point.

  5. They are under the cap with a 21 man roster. Sandin should sign for $1.5M, around Liljegren's amount.

  6. Is The Good Place a good show to watch? I went on the universal studios tour and they mentioned it's where they filmed it. Seems like an interesting show concept after some minor googling.

  7. I wonder who that guy is that keeps tweeting things about the canes before they’re announced

  8. There are a few random accounts on Twitter with less then 500 followers that leak a lot of stuff for various teams before it's announced.

  9. Sure go ahead, I have no problem with yoga but , that particular asana was causing a lot of pain in my legs. I have chronic depression and anxiety disorder.

  10. Damn that really sucks. I don't have any advice but I hope things go better for you.

  11. Man did anyone else get kinda emotional watching the Finding Frances stuff? It was funny and sad and sweet and almost all the emotions in one lol.

  12. Finding Frances is one of the best pieces of media I have ever seen.

  13. That the Islanders would be a basement team after Tavares left. Or that Erik Karlsson would turn the Sharks into a Cup finalist.

  14. The Sharks almost reached the cup final in their first season with Karlsson

  15. Even the experts were even saying he was the most NHL ready of that class. So I never understood where the idea of him becoming some 3rd line goon came from. Not a whole lot of 18-19 year olds come into a league of grown ass men to be a goon.

  16. It was because he wasn't a big scorer in the NCAA season he played.

  17. Non Leafs fans post about the Leafs on this sub more then any other team. This sub has a borderline obsession with the Leafs.

  18. Zoodiac, Floo, or Tri-Brigade Zoodiac. I have Adventure Prank Kids if it ends up being really sweaty though.

  19. Ben Kei OTK is pretty much all n/r. You can also make an okay Danger Darkworld deck, Yosenju Kaiju deck, Megalith deck, Metalfoe deck, or Gadget/Earth Machine deck for all n/r.

  20. There’s 12 forwards and 6 defencemen used during a game, but only one goalie. Why would you want to take a risk on arguably the most important position?

  21. Outside of maybe 3 goalies in the NHL the rest are a complete crapshoot from season to season

  22. I have like 8 deck cores but don't have expensive staples (Prosperity, Droplet). The one that I have used the most by far is Dinos.

  23. my ex had a shrinking fetish? i can’t describe it but he liked the idea of me being a giant and him being tiny and he liked when i sent videos stepping on the camera and sending it to him idk if it was a feet thing or not. the worst part about this was he could see my double chin

  24. I've heard about that before, it's a niche fetish but still pretty popular.

  25. I've been to a few locals with 24-32 people there and every time it was either all guys or there only 1 or 2 girls there.

  26. I actually agree with her entirely and I feel like her being portrayed as crazy is classic sexism tbh. These men are literally here to get to know her. That’s the entire point of the show. Men are constantly getting away with taking NO INITIATIVE in ANY PART OF THEIR LIVES and quite frankly I’m tired of it.

  27. Okay, I’m general, sure. But in this instance they have ONE job and it’s not to bro out with the boys

  28. They were not broing out, they were brought to another persons date for no reason.

  29. I'm sorry but going to back to back eastern conference finals in past 3 years isn't average. If that's average, sign me the fuck up.

  30. The current Islanders team is not the same as the one that went to two Conference Finals.

  31. True, so frequently on reddit I see videos of people going wayyy too far where self defense could be justifiable, and I can't help but wonder why people defend/cheer for it on reddit. This was well handled especially for a kid/teenager.

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