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  1. Thanks man and in your opinion what is the best fight in dragon ball ?

  2. I don’t have a favorite, but my top ones would be Kid Goku vs Yarjirobe..OG Goku vs Vegeta..Goku vs Majin Vegeta..All the fight scenes in Bojack movie..Vegeta vs Goku black..Broly vs Gogeta. I don’t have a favorite in anything in life, yet

  3. Lol thanks dude. Keep up the drawing! Hope to see another one by you

  4. I like silver because I can’t afford gold

  5. Right after he exits the space ship. (Anime)

  6. Thank you! Not as cool of a bug as I was hoping for lol

  7. I'm pro life ish, but this is insane. No reasonable person would support this

  8. Is it your girlfriend if it’s a first date? First date at her place(eehhh), and you’re taking shits??

  9. That connector is a real bitch. Once the tab is out, it’s just wiggling for 9 hours straight

  10. Lol thanks. So the tab is supposed to come all the way out and the line is free?

  11. It’s a 2009 2.9 4cyl Colorado. Thank you!

  12. Newer cars are putting in reminders to check your backseat when you turn your car off... Any ideas why? Add that one to your list.

  13. This is a great feature. And it’s not because of stupidity.

  14. When I recommend this movie to people, I tell them the director came from the future. Spot on for the future.

  15. I haven’t watched it. First time hearing about it. I’ll add it to my list, thanks!

  16. Took me 50-55 hours to complete. After hours(15-20) of stacking different rocks i came to this. I took large flat stone and cut it down with my tile saw. Milled down strips of what little wood I had left, from what I was told black walnut? I got the moss from the edge of our wood line. I’m not familiar with plants enough to put others in here yet. Filler is black sand. I have a platform holding up the “ground”. The water is just beneath the “ground”. Water will flow down the rock face and disappear into the pebbles. Super fun and challenging, looking forward to the next one!

  17. Humm That plane seems to have had some troubles with that jungle. Did the pilot survive ? On the other hand the butterfly has its best life

  18. Negative on the pilot, envious of that butterfly lol

  19. Could take it a step further - you don't necessarily die if your heart beat stops. You can go into cardiac arrest and never be pronounced dead, you know? Even though your heart stops functioning. In fact, there's a lot of interest these days around how long someone is conscious for after decapitation. There was that chicken that survived for a year and a half, and of course there's all that work on whether or not it is possible to do a successful head transplant...

  20. That chicken had her face cut off. That year and a half was torture for her

  21. yes it would probably be torture for anybody lol but we could go on and on about cruel animal testing and stuff

  22. I’m not arguing the cruelty we inflict on our environment. Just that the chicken didn’t live with its head cut off.

  23. Your only wasting time if you hate to doodle

  24. Thank you for creating this! Dude keep it up! Also bojacks and janemba is my two favorite movies of dbz, im stoked anytime I see either.

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