1. Sounds odd but frozen cauliflower! When I was pregnant I would make Ambitious Kitchen’s Orange Creamsicle smoothie and it was great! It had cauliflower and dates! I’m sure if you google it it’ll come up. Good luck with the veggies, I completely understand!

  2. My toddler's comfort object is my hair. It is a huge problem we have been working on his entire life. I cut it all off thinking that would help but it just brought him closer to my scalp. Sometimes he gets really weird and tries to like lay on my neck and head for comfort to be as close to my hair as possible. If I am sitting on the couch when he gets weird he just like tries to climb my head over and over and can't be redirected. He will smell it, wrap it around his hands and then suck his thumb with it, he will tell his dad that he should grab a piece, he wants the whole family to enjoy the majesty of my hair. It's a whole thing. I think they are just weirdos.

  3. Oh my gosh I am actually in tears from laughing so hard. Thank you for giving me a much needed belly laugh at the end of a long day.

  4. Oh my gosh I actually started this transition last night! Babe is 14ish months and has been cosleeping since forever. We finally built the new bed in her room last night! I put my sheets on her bed and slept in there all night with her. I plan to stay in there with her for a while. I recently posted in /nurseallthebabies asking a really similar question if you want to check it out. One person recommended The Gentle Sleep Book by Sarah Ockwell-Smith. I plan to follow this as a guide. It’s a slow process if you have the time, but seems less painful for all of us. Wishing you lots of luck!! Solidarity! Let me know if you find some magic spell! Haha

  5. I'm curious, when did you feel comfortable not putting her in a crib? We've been cosleeping at night but he'll do naps in the crib I guess I never really put much thought into when one might switch to a toddler bed

  6. I should also add the toddler bed we purchased is a floor bed with rails, so I feel good about her napping there as opposed to crib!

  7. Hmmm that’s a good question! Looking back it was just sort of a progression. She definitely used her bassinet for naps and nighttime while she was a newborn. Then at some point we started doing a lot of naps in the stroller or wearing her in a wrap. Then, I got caught in the contact nap cycle. It worked for our schedule, but is also very unrealistic for most people. I started having her just nap right on our bed without me more recently, but probably would have been comfortable doing it since 10ish months? Our bed also has the side rails that I bought off Amazon, is just low to the floor because of the frame we bought, and she knows how to get down from the bed on her belly. We just sort of went with the flow though and didn’t force much until now (baby #2 is on the way so we have to have a bit more structure).

  8. No real advice, but I wanted to say I have a very similar hairline! I actually think a lot of people have growth trouble in that spot in particular (even more so after they have babies with postpartum hair loss). I usually have my hair parted in the middle but love to wear braids as well! I’ll pull out the braids so they look fuller and not so slicked back or pull some pieces down for face framing and a bit messy. Also, from the picture it looks like your mom has the same hairline which is a sweet little connection between you! Rock the styles you love and try to remember, your “flaws” are much more apparent to you than anyone else!

  9. Oh TOTALLY so many beautiful names with too strong associations! Not even that the student was difficult, just that they embody the name for me now.

  10. Solidarity! I also have a 14 month old little lady going through this same thing... I'm always worried she's not getting enough greens. While I'm still trying to find creative ideas to incorporate veggies into more meals, I find that the "mode of transportation" makes all the difference sometimes... In a baby bowl/plate using her hands vs on the tray vs with a spoon vs out of mommy or daddy's bowl vs letting her feed us a bite first. We also try to make a game out of it, like taking big "growly dog bites" out of food gets her to chomp down on a veggie and make a growl noise and shake her head - this usually distracts her from the fact it was a veggie and not a strawberry or puff. My last resort are those pouches that are majority veggie with a hint of sweet from a fruit. Those are fairly low sugar. Good luck and hope you find something that works!

  11. Thank you so much! Babe also loves feeding mommy first and then herself. So easy to question yourself on it all though when it comes to nutrition. I love these ideas though, going to try!

  12. I make meatloaf and season as I normally would minus salt and then load it up with veggies. Recently I did one with a bunch of chopped up kale and some shaved carrots. Baby loves it all! I make a full size meatloaf and then after it’s finished slice it and place parchment paper between the slices and freeze it. To heat it up I just throw the frozen slice in a sauté pan with a little oil on medium and cook until it’s golden on either side. The browning adds more flavor! Also it’s my favorite go to meal when I don’t feel like cooking.

  13. Oh this is so great! Definitely making next week! I also have no idea why I always forget to make stuff to freeze!! Part of my reluctance with so much food is that it goes to waste— the freezer! Duh!

  14. No solution yet, but just wanted to say I have the same! I stopped coloring my hair this year and I’m just letting it grow naturally. I’m also doing my best to not put heat on it. Other than that though, would love to hear if anyone has recommendations or even half up/half down styles to showcase the waves! Ha! Solidarity!

  15. I think Orla is gorgeous, and Orla in Derry Girls is THE BEST.

  16. Oh my gosh American here and I want to name my next daughter Orla so bad after hearing it from Derry Girls but I already have a Florence and I think people will start to think I have an identity crisis hahah

  17. Totally normal! Everyone warns new moms about the 4 month sleep regression, but I never heard a peep about the 9/10 month and oooo was I unprepared. Just keep doing what you’re doing, this too shall pass.

  18. Okay I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I basically blacked it out from my memory ha but it was probably a week of wtf is going on, a week of okay this is a regression it’s something we can handle, and then finally the third week was progressively better. Not a science and I’m sure it’s different for everyone! What helped me was focusing on the reason why it’s happening- not because she’s sick or I’m missing something, but because she’s learning so much!

  19. Not sure how balanced it is but my babe is obsessed with mini pita breads and tzatziki, all bought at the store!

  20. Don't offer, don't refuse did not work at all for us. He still wanted to nurse 600x a day.

  21. Lol I will no longer be called mom, only boob sheriff 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Wait did I have some sort of fever dream or does anyone else remember Claudia talking on the toast about taking Molly for a concert or something like that?? It was a while ago but please someone else remember this besides me!! I remember thinking like wait is she really just putting this out there?

  23. This film apparently got a long standing ovation in Venice, which I find disturbing. Is it really necessary to show sexual brutality such graphic detail? Who watches this for pleasure? And this is going to be on Netflix, where a lot of kids are not blocked from adult content. I think there is going to be a huge backlash when this drops.

  24. Okay I was scrolling through comments to see if anyone else is weirded out that it’s going to be on Netflix!! I get it’s a parents job to raise their children/teens but as a high school teacher, this is just too much.

  25. My sister visited for a week when I was around 30 weeks and we talked late into the night while dad did bedtime for my 2 year old, and that’s what did it. Then my sister came back to watch the 2 year old when I went in for an induction. We told her the routine with dad but stressed that bedtime might be a shitshow and it was ok to sack out in front of the TV. It was totally fine!! First few weeks home were rough sleep between toddler and baby waking each other but around 3 months life got drastically better and has been getting sweeter ever since.

  26. LOL I’m so focused on sleep when I go to the hospital that I forgot about when I come home!! Beyond excited to have the two little ones together, your post just made it feel more real!!

  27. My first is 2yo (26 months) and my second who is now 3months came early at 34 weeks. I was really anxious since we didn’t get to do a test run like we wanted. It was two nights at the hospital he had never done an overnight but he was absolutely fine. He was way too busy playing with his uncles and grandparents that he fell asleep exhausted every night. He happily went back to nursing when we got back which helped bring my milk in faster while my second was in the NICU. My boyfriend started taking my son out on stroller rides until he fell asleep for nap time and bed time and we actually got on a pretty good schedule that way.

  28. This comment is so encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing! When I’m feeling particularly anxious my mind drifts to the fact that babies come when they want, not always when we’re ready! And that I really shouldn’t plan to have the full 40 weeks to get ready (lol here I am at 23 weeks and have made zero progress).

  29. My baby is 14 months and the same thing started a few weeks ago for us! Happy to report it has been getting better, so probably just a phase! In our experience, it was a combo of molars, trying to walk, and language explosion (understanding, not necessarily talking). Just know there is an end! Good luck!!

  30. Get my hair blown out! I love getting my hair washed and blown out and not talking for an hour. It’s also a little extended gift because it typically lasts for a few days and makes me feel put together with zero effort on my part.

  31. Ok but can we please imagine what the costume department would put Jess in if it did get picked up? The leather jacket at the beach just gets me every time! I can’t imagine Jess in anything but dark colors and jeans! Imagine him wearing board shorts and open short sleeve button downs 🤣

  32. i dunno why that's so odd? so many people in LA dress like jess did. it's not farfetched whatsoever.

  33. Lol it’s just for fun! In the episode his colors and clothes felt very contrasting to what they put Jimmy and Sasha in (I’m assuming that was on purpose). Of course people from all over the world wear tshirts and black jeans.

  34. Oh my gosh when I saw that comment I literally thought “Mildred is already back and I love Claude.” Totally just one person’s opinion! Keep the name, it’s a good one!

  35. There is no fury like being awake in bed at 3am desperate to pee, but nursing a beautiful sleepy baby and your husband just rolling over and getting up to head to the bathroom with no care in the world 🤣 some things can be fixed with communication, but some is just part of the sacrifices we make for our babes. You’re definitely not alone though!

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