1. My tiges could and should be doing way better as we’re easily the best. 😉 Time to bring the tiger fire 🔥 on the pies on Friday!

  2. You comment 🔮 like a middle aged white 👩🏼 woman

  3. I appreciate jumping on an underdog, but everyone knows that the GC suns are a puppet team set up by the AFL to lure fans from rugby in Queensland. It’s not a real club with any history. As a result I wouldn’t be surprised if the club folds in a few years.

  4. I find it funny how someone from Melbourne is telling someone from QLD what their state's attitude towards footy is. It's legitimately insane.

  5. We all know that the GC suns are a puppet team set up by the AFL to lure fans from rugby. It’s not a real club..

  6. She’s just doing a her duty as a Richmond fan to make sure other teams don’t celebrate their wins.

  7. This is the sort of arrogance that sees us beat your team! It almost happened in 2022, don't forget, and we didn't have Sheez

  8. This is the only kind of thing you can hang your hat on given you’ll get the three peat spoon this year.

  9. Good to see these boys getting in some early training matches before they inevitably play for the big clubs, such as the mighty tiges!

  10. Aw man, I just started getting into a team and I happened to choose the bad guys? Dammit...

  11. There’s a 3 month probation period with following teams. So if you’re within that window of time you can still swap.

  12. Not especially shocking. I'd love to see players mix it up though, perhaps get caught grooving on a tab of acid or something

  13. The only teams in Victoria that would still have fans mostly concentrated in their traditional home are Geelong and The Dogs because they don’t really have competition in those areas. Everyone else is pretty much scattered across the city.

  14. Went to highpoint a while ago and saw so many Essendon supporters

  15. Absolutely, went out with this girl for a few months, found out her and the whole family are Essendon supporters. Deal breaker, can’t and won’t do it.

  16. Hey I love soccer too. But only international, club soccer is too corrupt. AFL and soccer are both awesome football codes. Far better than rugby or NFL 😒

  17. Oh cool OK sure that qualifying final we played at Richmond's home ground was - totally fair -

  18. The MCG is half your home ground too, heaps of cats fans living in Melbourne. I’m talking about all the star players and free first round draft picks you get from them getting cheap seaside property. Plus Kardinia park is the most odd shaped ground that no other team ever gets used to.

  19. Well of course the training would be different. Norf don’t have a winning culture.

  20. If you are after a genuine answer it is probably Hawthorn. Their fans are largely well-groomed liberal upper class, mixed with a young swaithe of fans in their early 20s who started supporting the club during the threepeat.

  21. Except the colours are poos and wees. So not exactly the most attractive fashion wear

  22. I think he/she just wants to take any opportunity they have to say they don’t like you 😂

  23. Yes they are. Out of the big 4 Vic teams, I think the hate mostly flows to Carlton than the rest of us.

  24. Carlton is a such poorly managed club. Always going through constant troubles internally. They’ll never compare to the mighty tiges.

  25. And yet both clubs have 50,000 members…

  26. Why does Richmond need funding at all if it has 100,000 members?

  27. Cos we should get our fair share, we are supporters to support OUR club, not yours.

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