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  1. Used to live in Portugal - I'd just spend longer in Lisbon and tag on Cascais / Estoril.

  2. I LOVE solo travel, but have experienced similar reactions!

  3. Have lived in New Malden (and also Surbiton and Kingston).

  4. This is the main thing that pisses me off about drugs, especially coke - people never talk about the hell of a crash you get. The comedowns are no joke. And I'm actually referring to the instant crash after 30 mins. But I'm also convinced most of the sesh heads live their life on 30% when they're not seshed, and think that's just their normal

  5. Those who are self aware enough to recognise the comedown are fine. It's those who don't acknowledge it, take a "it's not me, it's everybody else" attitude and live their lives being grumpy, aggressive, defensive and unpleasent to be around.

  6. Has been for a long time - go in practically any pub in the UK and you'll spot people "on it" within minutes. Makes for an edgy atmosphere a lot of the time. It really doesn't suit people who already have an aggressive edge to them - turns wankers into super-wankers.

  7. We're very fortunate to have a pub nearby that has a fridge with about 30 NA beers to choose from :-) Here in the UK, alcohol free is a pretty big thing, so there's generally a choice in most places, and a Heineken Zero is a reliable choice if need be.

  8. Thanks for the thoughtful reply! Tanqueray makes a non alcoholic gin?? I'll have to look into that... I love that there's lots of options at your local pub :)

  9. Yes - it's good - the wife loves it! The Gordon's one is serviceable too.

  10. OMG yes! In fact, I'd go so far as saying that I've realised in sobriety that a lot of what I experienced as "a hangover" was the social hangover that you're describing. It's the same when my work is intense and too "peopley!"

  11. Great post - I'd forgotten about a lot of this stuff but could relate to most of it.

  12. One in car, one as part of living room separates system, and an external one to import CDs to my laptop.

  13. I’m not sure I agree. Not sure if you’re from the UK or not but in my experience here, Portishead (and Massive Attack) are revered as pioneers and exemplars of Trip Hop. Most people don’t know any other bands in the genre beyond those two but they almost always know those two.

  14. Agreed, I’d say Portishead were borderline mainstream here in the UK. Massive Attack even more so.

  15. I was scrolling to find somebody mention Zero 7 in this context. When it Falls is a gorgeous album too.

  16. The rises over the last two years were based on nothing more than government and estate agent meddling

  17. I do like that toilet. It's very futuristic. Very, sort of, high-tech, space age. I can imagine Buck Rogers taking a dump on that. In the twenty-first century.

  18. Agree with the premise for sure. In the meantime, there are lots of deleted scenes and stuff from DVD extras kicking about on YouTube.

  19. On this sub I'm surprised you're not getting downvoted just for daring to mention it.

  20. Speaking as somebody who did a dry month 2.5 years ago and still hasn't had a drink, I'd say that if you think you've had some upgrades now, just wait to see how you feel after 3 months and 6 months :-)

  21. Both the mention of The Lighthouse Family by Super Hans, and the times it's playing - first episode and at the party when Jez says "oh for f*&ks sake."

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