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  1. 5000 shares x 22.79 = $113 950. We have many apes here who've invested more than that.

  2. He added that. He probably has XXXXX shares already

  3. Assuming they aren’t being lent, yup. (Which is obviously not something the GameStop BoD does)

  4. I don’t believe board members can lend their shares. Would be breach of fiduciary duty I presume

  5. That 100% increased crit chance with spell suppression loss is just killer to me.

  6. Searchable by specific nodes at first, with an open call to arms for third party sites to utilize the API for more complex searches.

  7. Is this just a new league or an expansion too? Is there a new end game grind?

  8. All leagues are classified as expansions with them receiving endgame improvements with each release according to GGG.

  9. Yea well I remember when "expansions" meant new end game like Sirus or Maven.

  10. Wow I’m about to have a huge quality of living change for the worse because there aren’t enough affordable apartments here where I live so I’m going from a brand new 1 bedroom apt with in-unit laundry and shit to a 2 bedroom with 1 shared washer and dryer for 10 ten tenants.

  11. Move to lower cost of living city? Get a remote job?

  12. The CS high score today is 211,5XX so we have another 14.500 accounts which equals another 5.5mil shares up to today. It's not as bad as you think friend

  13. There are no additional 14,500 accounts. That's probably the number that sold out and closed their CS accounts.

  14. What are the chances of insiders i.e. RC buying like last March run?

  15. They would have reported by now. Also, why would they buy now when they could have bought before they posted positive earnings?

  16. There are limitations on when insiders can buy, especially around earnings. Information has to be disclosed to the public, so it doesn’t appear to be a pump, or have insiders benefitting from private information. Sometimes insiders can only buy and sell during certain times of year.0

  17. GME Q4 ends in January 31st. They could have bought anytime in February knowing they were going to be profitable. Plenty of time we were trading sub-$20.

  18. “New” will mean groundbreaking and game-changing innovations, such as new dial colors, font changes, and, the most outrageous…. slightly different case sizes.

  19. CTB doesn't apply to MM's when they are creating synthetics. Just sayin.

  20. Market maker doesn’t create synthetics. HFs do through ETFs.

  21. of course, the usual bullshit, MMs will FTD millions of shares today. The FTDs are going to look WILD when they come out

  22. Today they threw all the crazy buy orders off exchange. They didn't want this shit hitting 30 today and all the call buying that goes with it.

  23. I saw a few posts of some insane call gains from this.. multiple people pulling five-six figures from like relatively small options bets. If it hit that high they get the gamma that is the really big problem if enough options are right.

  24. So those call gains were people that bought calls before 3/22. If the Stock opened at $24 today and orders for shares started to come in that pushed the stock price to say $26-27, the 28... all of sudden people would FOMO and start buying $30 calls, $31... $32.. a gamma ramp so to speak...

  25. Man. That goldsrc engine brings back so many memories.

  26. If I had to guess without crime? Some institutional longs are selling out after buying last quarter sub-20.

  27. Yeah, I'm just sitting down with the filing, just put the kids to bed. They release the DRS numbers yet?

  28. DRS not out yet. Cash burn is negative but they have much less inventory.

  29. I'm so fucking horny. Has anyone found anything bad in the Q yet?

  30. Honestly, no? Software sales seem really down compared to last year, but thats expected. The problem is, they need to replace that revenue elsewhere as software is expected to decline due to digital sales.

  31. they lost 313mm for the entire year. They profited a measly 48mm in one holiday Q that they cleared out a lot of old inventory. You guys dont even bother to look at the numbers

  32. FCF positive for 2 quarters now. Still cutting costs and unprofitable stores.

  33. Honest question how did they get up to 1.4billion in cash?? I the last I heard the held about 900mil.

  34. They had 900M and 250M in TBills and over 1B in inventory. Now they have 1.4B in Cash and Tbills, and only 600M in inventory. They sold off 400M in inventory. Probably PS5s and such from Q4.

  35. Why? The stock is basically synthetically shorted every day through ETFs and deep out of the money puts? The "plumbing" of wall street definitely exists and it doesn't benefit retail investors. In fact, they hope you don't look at all so they can continue making money on your 401ks because you "don't get it."

  36. They changed it some but it isn't going to be anything like D2s itemization. It is still just +green is gooder so put it on.

  37. That exact design was why I hated d3. Nothing felt interesting. No choices to make or mods to balance.

  38. CTB almost doubled in one day. Apparently at 16% now. Yesterday morning was 9%. Something going to happen next week

  39. Who exactly were you expecting BBBY to merge with? Skynet? XD

  40. My average is still around $10 with over 100k shares

  41. Seeing this a lot lately. Must be getting internalized or something to keep it from moving. I don’t understand all this. But sure seems criminal. A couple weeks ago a back to back 360,000 share buy moved price up $0.22 and a 10 share sell moved price down $0.22.

  42. It is internalization. Someone is taking a loss on it to not let the price jump too much.

  43. Great game, but why did developers get away from Jedi Knight Academy type lightsaber control? where you could choose stances and literally control the swings exactly. These modern games all have sick graphics but suck in gameplay to the originals.

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