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  1. I love how walt talks about his tv persona as a different person.

  2. Hope they do an overkill soon. I really liked when they did one a month.

  3. Ya know Dennis , you're supposed to wipe your ass after you take a shit.

  4. You must be pretty far out of the loop my friend. It's from making hay.

  5. I think the bully covering his inferiority complex by using two laptops atop each other is even more troubling.

  6. What happened to his family releasing it to get money for his funeral or whatever. Glad it finally came out just wondering what happened?

  7. I wondered that myself. Must have been something awkward if it wasn't addressed would be my guess.

  8. I'm a former drug addict, was hooked pretty damn hard for years on opioids. Sometimes when I mention it I get a "congrats." I always hate it. I'm having someone congratulate me for being a functioning adult. Good job at no longer being a complete fuckup.

  9. On the other hand, considering Ming is pretty dismissive of his actual family when there’s a con going on (or pizza to be eaten), it’s hard to say.

  10. Which is Smodcast #440 and #441. So Smodcast #440 first, TESD #474 second, then Smodcast #441.

  11. If walt said "my boners are hard as a rock" it would be my favorite line right behind "not to good bitch". He may not know an s hook from a framing square but by god hes a mans man.

  12. They barely acknowledge this. I doubt they would even join a discord.

  13. Bry definitely made that show great. I love tales from behind the fake counter as well. That's a hit show in it's own right.

  14. I just re listened to that one as well. Walt did seem baffled by the "eating tuna" comment. But then i was too the first time i listened.

  15. How are they making a million a year? Is that gross revenue or profit? Where are you getting that number?

  16. Wondering that myself. Even if thats the case its still taxed and split between numerous people i would think.

  17. I love TESD and everyone involved but I can't think of anything less appealing than all of us chipping in to buy something for a group that make nearly a million a year through their patreon and that doesn't include advertising. If they want a coin machine I'm sure they can buy one themselves.

  18. I don't agree to us buying it. I just like the idea of a tesd penny.

  19. I love a good restart, and the patron content is worth the 5-10 if you have ot to spend.

  20. Got them as a Christmas gift, won’t stay in my ears, no matter what size I use, and the right bud loses connectivity at least once a day. I have a newer phone so that shouldn’t be the issue.

  21. That's disappointing. Id like to think the guys wouldn't lie about a product.

  22. The guys seem to genuinely like them or maybe im just a pigeon (coo coo). So im going to give them a shot.

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