1. Ehrhoff was at least useful for a bit. If i remember correctly- injuries caused him to retire early?

  2. I feel Marchment would love playing in Buffalo and would likely aim for a one or two year deal.

  3. That mentality automatically rules us out of any potential of a Kiprizov, Kucherov, Sergachev.. why would any smart team limit themselves?

  4. In fairness it also automatically rules them out of any potential of a Grigorenko, Zadorov, or Yakapov.

  5. They’re just a boom or bust move. I think this year where we have 3 firsts is the kind of year you go for a boom pick with 16 or 28.

  6. Yea, I'm good with Miroschnichenko at 16. Don't think he, or any of the other high-end guys make it to 28.

  7. The $5m for Bear sticks out to me. I recognize it was just a relatively random number, but what sort of contract would you be comfortable with Bear receiving?

  8. Gotta pay someone. Floor.

  9. This exercise did not account for Bishop’s salary (I think).

  10. Well if you have no use of the weapons, why have them?

  11. I mean, has this EVER happened in Canada, let alone KW?

  12. Murray tried to rush the rebuild and traded away all of our capital for Oreilly/Kane/Lehner.

  13. The ROR trade that Murray made was excellent, no denying that. Moving on from him has ended up alright from what originally looked like an albatross.

  14. Bro I respect your love for hockey but the problem is the team wasn’t developed enough for any of these moves. We needed to draft and develop players, not trade everything away.

  15. Bro. Do you realize the organization would have been significantly worse off had they not made the moves they made. I mean, ROR landed the team their #1 centre.

  16. I’m not saying I’m not also blaming Raiola, but in the end the player is responsible for his actions. That includes choosing his agent, it also includes going all the way with this agent, into not signing a new contract with us but choosing to leave on a free, and then come back months later becausenit wasn’t what he imagined it to be

  17. I mean, Leipzig is asking a price that no other club is going to even think about paying. I get going for as much as possible, but this is a walk away amount and they have to understand that.

  18. But that’s their right isn’t it ? They don’t have any obligation to us. Maybe they are planning to use him more. but in the end If they want to ask a “fuck off” price we should just move on from him (or wait for him to be cheaper)

  19. They might end up losing the sale altogether and they know that. Not only will they end up losing money, but they could very likely hurt the development of Brobbey. Future 19 year olds that are looking to sign/transfer with them might see this and decide to move on. Leipzig is not a club that has had a history of success to lean on.

  20. You are definitely correct on the won’t be big buyers this FA. I’d be fine with milky means we move olofsson but Quinn takes olofsson’s role and milky creates a new one. I’m fine with desmith, I like comrie a bit because he put up good numbers behind uh let’s just say not great Winnipeg defence. What do you think we’d have to move for Lilly seeing as he’s signed now? I’m fine with Colin as I said before but he’s meh for me

  21. Oh, I didn’t notice that Liljegren signed. Yea, he’s definitely off the table now. His agent really let him down. No way the Leafs move him at a discount. I was originally thinking he could be had for a 2nd and Fitz.

  22. Still other options out there at RHD we’ll find someone. You are correct on comrie I feel this FA class just has a lot of these question mark/boom or bust guys, I’d be fine with rly anyone but husso (to a certain extent Campbell too)

  23. Yea, Husso definitely feels weird, the St Louis connection doesn’t help. I’m curious who their goaltending coach is and how long he has been in that role.

  24. I think ticket sales are going to go up. I mean they already have some big fan service events in place (Miller jersey retirement and the bringing back of the goat head as an alt)

  25. I think they are still hurting for season and mini pack plans. I put in an inquiry a couple months ago and I was subsequently contacted weekly.

  26. Fans aren’t ready to throw that season ticket trust in just yet, I think the games will get more people than last season but it’s gonna be a play it by game thing for fans

  27. Honestly, until season tickets go up, I don’t think attendance will increase considerably. The reason for that is tied to the secondary market, which was extremely thin this year. The prices on StubHub were almost the same as through the Sabres, which offered practically no discount. Until season tickets increase and people can cash out on Leaf, Ranger, and Pens tickets you won’t see the other games come as a discount.

  28. Honestly, none of them are very good. They all fall significantly short of Toronto Korean food, which falls really short of Korea.

  29. Let Quinn develop into fiala and pay him. Tim Murray would have done this

  30. I think the comparison they're trying to make is the ROR deal. Player in his mid-20s traded for a first rounder and prospect(s) and then immediately signs a long term deal after being traded. But then that kinda falls apart as criticism since the ROR trade to Buffalo was a very good deal then and still is today even with hindsight.

  31. This is definitely a good point. I did feel like most of Rensch’s struggles last season had to do with decision making. That certainly can be tied to inconsistent playing time.

  32. If you have to walk to your seat, you're on it (on the boat, on the bus). If there's no need to walk and your seat is right there, you're in it (in the car, in the carriage, in the taxi)

  33. It will be interesting. While Colorado has a decent amount of cap space, they have to think about Mac next off season. His pay could nearly double.

  34. I’d say no. Nichushkin would be the guy I target. Even Niederreiter would be a better fit.

  35. A good lesson in "just pick the guy that scored a ton " in later rounds

  36. If only someone could tell me where a bet could be placed...

  37. Without hockey, I don’t know where to find my gambling commercial fix.

  38. Winnipeg is imploding in front of our eyes. Trots declined to coach there, and PLD has said he actively wants to test FA and won’t stay long term. The rest of their core is getting up there (besides Morrissey, Connor, and Ehlers). Honestly it seems like now is the best time to cash in on Scheifele, Wheeler, and Hellebyuck if their young, talented center is also gonna walk. And if you cash in on them, might as well sell off the young guys mentioned above.

  39. I imagine Winnipeg goes for one last kick at the can, unless they get absolutely incredible offers for Scheifele and Hellebyuck.

  40. I’m really blown away that this is even a topic.

  41. I don't think there's going to be a lot of action this summer. They will sign a goalie, but that's just a numbers thing. And given how desperate they were getting in goal, I can't see them going with Anderson as part of the starting tandem, simply because of his age. I don't think this is the year to dump a lot of money on a goalie, so I'd like to see DeSmith.

  42. Honestly, I'm not interested in either. I think both are likely looking for a long term deal and I don't think either are that good. They are third pairing type guys, which is fine, but I'm sure they'll want to be paid as second pairings.

  43. Don't chase Kadri because he worked for Colorado in their timeline. Go find a Kadri that works for Buffalo and its timeline.

  44. No, Colorado didn't have a "timeline", they've been one of the better teams in the NHL for a while and likely expect to continue to be one of the better teams for the foreseeable future. You do have teams that "go for it" and teams that "tank", but that's not the same as having a timeline.

  45. Colorado absolutely had a timeline that was created by Joe Sakic. Da fuck are you talking about. This is a team that drafted Duchene and O'Reilly (2009) but decided to build off Landeskog (2011) and MacKinnon (2013) who were drafted years later.

  46. I personally don't care who the captain is. I think it's nice for Okposo as he's paid his dues on the Sabres and in the league. I'm guessing this is also a farewell tour for the guy.

  47. If Tuch didn’t grow up a Sabres fan, nobody would say he should be the captain after 2/3 of a season. It’s Okposo.

  48. The question was about who is untouchable and the greatest player in hockey history was traded, the explanation behind it has no bearing on the question asked. The Great One was not untouchable.

  49. No, a slash and a hook on a scoring attempt dont effect ANYTHING, what a fresh take! Genius!

  50. There is nothing questionable about an icing where Hedman plays the puck on his side of the ice lol

  51. No, it was where Paul was first to the dots and made it to the puck first complete uncontested.

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