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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Another video from their Facebook page, this time with more nuns:

  2. 245, it’ll cost that much with the beer too

  3. No kidding. S8 was so bad I went from “GoT is the best TV ever” to “I’m not sure I want to even try HotD.”

  4. I almost finished my basement theater in all GoT theme... then season 8 happened, and I was so relieved.

  5. Nope, both queen, but the headboard is part of a set with full side boards and footer.

  6. Awesome, I like the look of it. Hard to install because it is such a hard wood?

  7. Boxes of smaller pieces, vs 6 ft long planks, were a lot cheaper. Huge pain to install lots of smaller pieces, making sure they dont line up, etc. But it looks nicer, I think, as the colors are all over the place.

  8. Do you guys remember flavorburst soft serve ice cream? They would somehow put super colorful fruity syrup on the edges of vanilla soft serve as it came out of the machine. I swear it used to be at every local ice cream stand. My wife and I tried to track down a place that still does the flavorburst this past summer but it seems to have fallen out of favor.

  9. I think one still exists right outside Hocking Hills State Park, near old man's cave. They advertise 33 flavors and I think that's how it's done but it's been a few years.

  10. Is this still at the long oval building, or is that the “new” COSI? Only one I’ve been to.

  11. Old COSI was in a big building on the other side of the river, in downtown.

  12. Is it possible the sun is reflecting off a window and melting the plastic?

  13. This is what the dealer told us, but I call BS. Just crappy plastic that can't handle basic sunlight.

  14. Yes, you can go to Mexico! I'm not reading comments and assume people are telling you to go to the Yucatan. That's definitely an option, but if you want to save some money and are coming from CA, you have better options and cheaper/shorter flights. If you want a southern CA beach/desert environment, go to Cabo. If you prefer beach and jungle, go to Puerto Vallarta. Stay at a resort in a tourist area that provides airport transport, direct beach access, and excursion booking assistance.

  15. Came here to say this. Was just in Cabo last year and even ventured into the local, less touristy parts. Completely safe. The only time I was remotely even hassled was at the open air bazaar I went in and they guy was nice about it ha. Lots of resorts there, but we stayed in an AirBnB by the marina, went fishing and whale watching, did a day trip surfing, and had a blast. Highly recommend as you are from CA and it is a short flight. I read that tons of celebrities have vacation homes there for that reason.

  16. Any of them who play for my favorite NFL team.

  17. Hubbard on the Bengals is called the cincinnati kid and referenced for his hometown way more than his college.

  18. Had to scroll far for this. Fun typical intro then the excitement of all the horror at the end. The office billboard scenes always crack me up.

  19. Agreed, discipline is key, but I always carry a high caliber sidearm as backup too.

  20. Same where there are bears. But the biggest threat in Ohio is coyotes... actually other hunters so orange is a better sidearm.

  21. I watched some crazy parents at school board meetings in 2020 and 2021, but the board handled it well. You will always have the loud contingent, but they don't have to be effective.

  22. Except its not targeting one race. If you are below a certain income level, and you lose your id for one reason or another, any number of thjngs prevent acquiring a new one, and these are universal. If you have a speeding ticket that goes too long unpaid, yiu cant get a new id/drivers licence till its paid off (real situation, happened to an old colleague of mine). If you dont have a car/cant drive, you have to either find someone willing to take you or rely on our SHITTY public transport system, or use an uber/lift/etc, which can be pricy. If you work an hourly job, it is often impossible to get time off during the day during the week when the BMV is open. And there are more. These effect everyone in the working class/lower class. Voter ID, unless we issue a universal ID like someone else said, and we make that ID easy to get a new one, acts only as a way to suppress voters in the lower class and working class.

  23. The bill includes a provision requiring the state BMV to issue free state ID cards to those who request them.

  24. There has been no voter fraud in Ohio elections, according to Frank Larose, who …checks notes… is the gop Secretary of State. The Ohio gop doesn’t want to make it any easier for people to vote. They people who don’t have a photo Id are students or elderly city people and they vote democratic.

  25. False. Look up the # of people who have been referred to county prosecutors for voting twice in different states, or voting for dead relatives.

  26. Same. Or I look at the track record of the writer.

  27. Has it been that long? (Willow gif)

  28. Only 2 hours away in Columbus. Big work day tomorrow or I would be there. Who dey!

  29. I think it's evened out recently. Lots of turnover and only a few sports cars, much less boats or renovations. I think people moved to Powell (2-3 on my street did). I see sports cars coming in from sunbury on rt 3 now.

  30. You have speakers in the sliding doors, that’s it. Have to go Touring or Elite for more rear speakers. You can fade backwards more but they sound horrible.

  31. This is what I've figured out on my 2018. Going to look into replacing them so the kids can actually hear music.

  32. Buy an apt to rent and fix it up. Everything is on youtube, you learn some great skills, and you can always sell it and do another one if you don't want to be a landlord. I did this then redid our whole basement with the knowhow and tools I gathered.

  33. I’m older. I’m a grandpa now. My grandpa was a US Marine during WWII. I spoke with him a lot about this. He was very happy that the bombs were dropped because in his mind, it prevented perhaps a million more deaths on both sides. He had no animosity toward the Japanese but he hated their military until he died in 1993. He lost many friends.

  34. Same. My grandfather said everyone knew someone who knew someone who was killed in the Pacific. No one wanted to continue fighting there but the Japanese were too stubborn. The bombs needed to be dropped or else we risked tens of thousands of young American lives, which in their minds were worth more than a million "pagan, brutal" Japanese.

  35. As a PR writer, putting "LEAVE YOUR CITY" on the top would be my move, but this makes sense for a brainwashed populace that would likely disregard that.

  36. Strange World. Rough movie already with "deep" conversations every 5 mins that overdoes the kid romance - all of a sudden turns from a father complex movie into an environmental message. Visuals were amazing but I was so disinterested in the plot I didn't even watch the epilogue.

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