[Official] USMNT advance out of Group B.

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  1. Incredibly important to Harrys character? His character and the entire story would be exactly the same if qudditch never existed. It has always been a side plot.

  2. Flying and quidditch are pretty much the first things that make Harry feel at home in the wizarding world. Prior to that first flight lesson, it’s all a bit stranger in a strange land.

  3. Yeah not one of them will be asking “‘y there’s skulls on our ‘elmets?” after training camp lol

  4. You can “commit” to do anything - but, no. Committing to a club team is 100% just for show. I guess all signing days and announcements technically are, but, to me, it’s just kids coping because they want something to post on insta. Signing and committing to a varsity program is a genuine accomplishment. As a guy that played club ball in college (and won a few rings), it would have been a slap in the face to my high school buddies that went D1,2,3 for me to stick myself up on a stage with them to “sign” or to post about my “commitment.” Funny enough - I had a better college (and athletic) experience than any of them did.

  5. Nothing as regal as South Carolina’s fat rings for winning the natty, but yea lol

  6. Lol, I can't even talk about basketball or look at some picture taken in the 1800s without it devolving into some circlejerk about how America is failing and the worst country ever and responsible for every bad thing in the world.

  7. Do you pay someone to kick you in the balls while you get off fantasizing about being a victim?

  8. Did you wake up with the goal to embarrass yourself on the internet or was it spurr of the moment ?

  9. Exactly. Rather than giving up on Tua he decided to go all in on him this off-season. Signed a HC that can fine tune the offense to his skill set and signed complementary offensive weapons.

  10. Meh. I don’t think the intention was to “go all in on Tua.”

  11. If the entire wamp family would just go away I would be so happy.

  12. Based on our shit tier election turnout and local political engagement, we deserve the Wamps, unfortunately.

  13. This was driving me crazy throughout the match. Get a good break, get guys forward... knock it around... switch it... back to Turner... why aren't we putting it into the box?! It was like they were waiting for the perfect opportunity, which (A) isn't going to happen often against a disciplined defensive unit like Wales and (B) is not a great way to win games -- you gotta put the ball in and make your opponent defend. Maybe you'll catch the keeper off-guard, take a funky deflection, force a penalty (hmm) or at least a corner. It's like Gregg has trained them to keep the ball rather than score the ball.

  14. First podium for Haas and Nico coming up this year - you heard it here first.

  15. I can not explain it any better than I have. I will not take anymore of my time wasting it to enlighten someone that is blinded by….well it is your choose believe in lies. Good luck to you. Hope you get all you want or maybe what you think you deserve.

  16. You haven’t explained yourself, and you can’t answer a simple question.

  17. This sub is full of casuals and the world cup is just going to be worse

  18. A flood of casuals looking to be outraged + an obvious pro-Qatar shill presence.

  19. It’s in a thread about FP1 in a comment chain about Lawson’s pace directly in comparison with Perez. Seems pretty relevant.

  20. or maybe he should realize he just won’t be getting shots up and go home. the fact that people are defending his ladder shove and stubborn behavior now just because he was antagonized is insane

  21. An NBA player should be able to shoot around in an NBA arena after an NBA game.

  22. Sky is just arguing with itself to conjure up a story. This is ridiculous. Whether you’re team hulk or team mick, this decision shouldn’t be surprising or abhorrent to anyone.

  23. Man I would fucking love CFB relegation. Suck ass this year? Have fun in the NAIA next season.

  24. Genuinely a really solid conference across all sports. Good schools in good locations. I’ll always have a ton of love for the SAA.

  25. And I’d say you’re a dweeb for taking a picture of that $80 steak and thinking that’s a suitable standard for what constitutes “an event.”

  26. Who cares about the past 15 years tho? East is stronger and would be my pick to be stronger the next 5 years.

  27. Welcome Hulk. Will this be the year he does something? No, but I hope it’s entertaining at least.

  28. He’s been “best of the rest,” consistently beaten his teammates, and consistently delivered solid midfield points in midfield cars.

  29. No surprise there. I feel bad for Mick man. Haas will never get anywhere. They have no long term plan at all. Terrible structure.

  30. Helping to develop a young driver like Mick does a team like Haas no good. They need someone that can help develop the car and consistently deliver points in the midfield. Hulk is well clear of Mick in both regards.

  31. The Republican party is unable to be fractured. Desantis will pull anti-Trump voters and Trump will pull more degenerate voters.

  32. It wasn’t meant to be the bottom - the 2022 midterm was meant to be a peak for them.

  33. That billionaires unfortunately exist? And that their weighted influence and the scale of their impact is worth discussing beyond they shouldn’t exist.

  34. Stop spinning up a straw man and trying to put words in my mouth lol

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