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Sheep stuck in forest for 5 years gets around 35kg (80 pounds) of wool removed

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  1. Do you fancy glasses? I bet it would look good on you ♥️

  2. I do on other ppl! my eyesight is pretty good :)

  3. I’m really struggling with procrastination. Dividing tasks/goals into itty bitty baby steps works the best for me so far.

  4. Most dragon lookalike lizard I’ve ever seen, nature is amazing

  5. I’m from Europe and don’t know anyone that gives af about that, sounds like something super religious or really old ppl care about.

  6. I hope we’re going to see more of pochita in the anime! i miss him ><

  7. Stranger Things. I don’t hate it, it’s just not for me.

  8. Same. On paper it’s a show I’d love but I just got bored for some reason.

  9. keine ahnung aber ich will irgendwie mitmachen

  10. Did you bring your nitrile gloves to work in your truck with you this dawn morning? You drove 20 miles on dirt road just to get here. The nearest soap is 20 miles back that way on dirt road. Then you saw this cow couldnt breathe. You gonna go back? The cows will have moved by the time you get back here.

  11. I made a rhetorical question and was joking around, it’s not that deep.

  12. Haha fair, I just saw the sentiment a lot in the comments and figured I'd respond with some personal experience on the matter explaining why.

  13. Yeah it’s cool sorry if I came off harsh! I have mad respect for anyone not being bothered by bodily fluids too much

  14. I thought he’d be more muscular from carrying all that wool haha glad he’s doing fine

  15. Fortress (Homm3) I like the swamp theme and it has my favourite town music

  16. This was my first Aphex Twin video! good job

  17. Please tell me it can‘t penetrate human skin…

  18. He’s beautiful 😍 that fluffy tail ❤️

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