1. My bill has halved since it’s gotten cold. 😎

  2. You sound bitter I would seek therapy asap.

  3. Well I can definitely see why your wife cheated on you lmfao 🤣 dear god.

  4. In the bottom of her edit in the original post she says since he can’t/wont changes she’s going to change herself and I honestly teared up. She is not in a good mind set I can tell from that. I really hope she gets out of that relationship.

  5. Or just feed a rabbit lid food. I have been using Earthborn venture rabbit. It has alaskan pollock in it too, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect on him. I add in rabbit canned and raw as well as toppers. But like i said I really think the difference in grass is what made the biggest change.

  6. My dad was a multiple felon and I grew up in trailers 😭 as sad as it makes me now looking back maybe that could be an option for you?

  7. Use it less. It can be really harsh on some peoples skin. My chin can handle it daily but my neck (where I get most of my acne) cannot handle it at all.

  8. It’s kinda cute. Hopefully it’s a friend not a foe.

  9. Was behind a man at cvs yesterday when they rang up his diabetes stuff (insulin, strips, testing machine) it was 300$+. He said I can’t afford that didn’t anything get covered by insurance? She said yes the insulin was originally 700$. 700$ to live. I can’t imagine all the people who don’t have insurance. How can they live???

  10. They were on government insurance. That’s what I said.

  11. Just out of curiosity, why do the vast majority of neckbeards affiliate with the Republican party? It's a general trend I've noticed.

  12. Because the Republican party want women to be silent housewives with 0 rights again and that’s also how neckbeards think the world should work too so their ideals align.

  13. Rats really are such sweet cute animals. Make great pets if you purchase captive bred ones.

  14. That means she either 1. Never cleans up after her dog on walks and/or 2. Her yard is 50% dirt 50% dog shit.

  15. My eyeballs almost popped out of my head when I scrolled to that third photo lololol.

  16. Some nurses I love. Literally called a stat courier tonight for something our machine couldn’t result. Forgot about it. 4 hours go by and I realize no one has come for it yet. So I call and they go. Oh it was picked up 3.5 hours ago. Lol no it wasn’t I have it in my hand. So they send a new one and I call the floor and the nurse is like. It’s fine. I’m not even worried about it. Lol. Meanwhile our chem machine was down 5 hours earlier this week and a single nurse called me 5 times to check on a patients results and my answer was the same each time. Idk what she thought she was accomplishing by calling and asking when they’d be resulted and getting a tone with me when I told her I wasn’t sure as the machine was down. We were nearly about to send everything out when our QC finally passed.

  17. As a chronically depressed, anxious person going outside or doing literally anything but laying in bed gives me the most raging headache and makes me feel 50x worse then not doing those things so. 🙃

  18. It’s embarrassing because they literally said our baby is cute so abortion should be illegal. Like. Wat lol.

  19. I just visibly recoiled when I read cervix piercing.

  20. One of the prettiest shinnies from Gen 3. Hopefully she caught it.

  21. Fresh pet is a refrigerated soft kibble/pate.

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