1. She never shows herself drinking that nonsense.

  2. She’s not stylish nor is she creative enough for either roles and I say this as a fan of Audrey 🫤

  3. ppl call her style boring here but i find it much more pleasant to look at than kim's wannabe futuristic anime cyber failed yeezy project aesthetic

  4. I like her style too. She usually looks comfy/casual and doesn’t look like she’s in costume like Kim and Khloe.

  5. I have two. One is the plastic shopping bag. Super cute but very rigid. Will not recommend as a practical bag.

  6. I used to have one back in 2015. It was a beige one lrather one with neon pink sides. Can't really describe it properly. Wore it as a school bag for 2 years. And I'm talking - notebooks, textbooks, binder, pencil case. Very good quality. Eventually god a little dirty maybe because it was beige and I was carrying it every single day. Properly had more life to it but then I graduated and it reminded me too much of high school, so I donated it.

  7. And it will probably be just as ugly and over the top as that skimpy dress she wore to that wedding.

  8. In your opinion, would a bbl make you look heavier?

  9. Pro private but commenting since I’ve been a longtime lurker and don’t wanna get removed

  10. I would recommend an USB disk over memory stick. Why? I lost data on different USB sticks, sometimes USB sticks just stop working, or are not recognized reliably on every PC/laptop.

  11. Any old flash drive will do. Please consider backing up your photos to a cloud service as well. Those flash drives aren't necessarily reliable.

  12. Had a fairly aggressive daily calorie target of 1500. Counted everything I put in my mouth. Meant I lost 1kg on average a week. Drank 2.5l of water a day. Ate 1.8g per kg of weight of protein. Walked 15k+ steps every day. Did home dumbbell training for an hour every other day for the last 3 months. Made sure I slept 7 hours+ a night. Weighed daily to understand trends etc. Had the view that I didn’t have two bad days in a row as life does get in the way! Tried to be as consistent as possible and set myself small continuous goals. Got inspiration from this and other groups. I have a small bit of loose skin on my stomach but am working to tighten that up. At my age that’s to be expected. If I can do it, anyone can!

  13. Congratulations!! How did you walk 15k steps everyday? How long did that take? Sorry for all of the questions, I get winded doing 2k steps.

  14. She’s coming out with her own line of hair are products

  15. Those are just two drops of mascara, how dare you

  16. Idk why but the fact that you used the word “troubling” gave me a good laugh 😂

  17. This interview made me like Remi more than the exaggerated persona she does for TT/ig. She spoke of a lot of struggles that many women face (body image, work, dating friendships) in a respectful manner.

  18. I’m convinced she asked herself this

  19. Wouldn’t this make your ponytail flop more??

  20. This reminds me of the “mmh blocking out the haters” kid

  21. Everything she says is contradictory. Remember her video that sandals should not be worn in public yet she has 10 pairs of those hideous Hermes sandals

  22. Her shoe game is kind of meh. She’s not fashionable at all, she just imitates who is on her moodboard.

  23. Now why did I think this was fake? 🫣

  24. Of course your username is Todd Packer 🙄

  25. Not me not caring about her content anymore.

  26. Right? Like, I’m so unimpressed with this fashionnova nonsense 🥱

  27. It was announced on August 2, but I don’t have the exact date.

  28. *Repost because I included his name

  29. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for her, but I’m happy for her!? Also, I think she’s earned her own flair!

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