1. AFAIK it's the 993 RWB "Poison" by Ex-Mods, model looks okay but the mod itself is trash as usual unfortunately, and of course it's paid but I'm sure it has been leaked several times for a good reason

  2. yup, most of these are just good for screenshots rather than actual driving.

  3. i forgot but i think the pp filter is either AC Aura or SKY Dream

  4. when did osaka nanko get the csp rain compatibility?

  5. its the NFS 2015 ppfilter with some changes

  6. beautiful pics!! which pp filter or sol/pure config do you use? i’m trying to get one but I haven't gotten anything that pleases me so far

  7. ppfilter used is NFS 2015. used in Pure.

  8. Not sure but since the Miku collab was music based, I think a collab with TUYU would fit the game a lot.

  9. install the heartbeat sensor if you have the unofficial KRISS Vector/QBZ 191

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