Democrats maintain control of Senate, NBC News projects, defeating many Trump-backed Republicans

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  1. That color looks absolutely amazing against your skin tone! 😍 and the nails look really nice too!!

  2. If nothing else works…JC Pennys does great headshots and they have coupons.

  3. There are still Penny's in Orlando?

  4. There’s a few. Altamonte, Florida Mall and the Loop

  5. Maybe…but the 2nd and 3rd fatigue will be real. You will be insanely exhausted randomly.

  6. Here’s the thing you have to realize…you are never going to be good enough for them. They have made you into the family scape goat, the “whipping boy”, etc, and they will always find something or some reason to let you know you aren’t good enough no matter what you achieve or the heights you will reach in life.

  7. I’m ready to throw in the towel on Florida. We keep clinging to the idea of it being a purple state but at this point it’s as red as it gets. I don’t think democrats stand a chance in Florida for a while. What Desantis has built is too sturdy and it’s location and reputation lend themselves to each other perfectly.

  8. The shitty part is…the Hispanic community is playing a huge role in carry the vote. Which is unequivocally sad when you consider how much the Republican Party hates them on a good.

  9. Thank you for posting this. I’ve been keeping to myself about certain things just the trial period has done.

  10. Ooh..absolutely thank you because I did not think of getting multivitamins. I’ve been trying to do morning smoothies to get a nutrient boost but i am also too lazy to chop stuff in the morning.

  11. Maybe related, but I’ve noticed I have significantly less inflammation since being on this along with hair and nails growing better. It seems mounjaro is helping just more that diabetes management and weight-loss.

  12. Not just narcissistic, but utterly lacking in apathy.

  13. Higher dose does not equate to higher weight loss. Slow and steady.

  14. Honestly…it’s more than the weight loss. I have become addicted to the change in eating habits. Just the feel of not being always in hunger mode and only wanting to eat a few bites in itself is addictive…not sure if that’s a good thing, but I love it.

  15. Great results here. The news from your doctor isn't bad, it's realistic. So many people move up even when they are benefitting from a lower dose. Chances are you'll keep losing on the 2.5mg, then when the time is right you'll move up. It's also great that your doctor wants to check your A1C - this is a diabetic medication. I often see people dose up and not get lab work, which is important not only to see progress but also to detect any abnormalities. Looks like you're in a good place.

  16. Oh! I know I really am in a great place! I think I am just addicted to the benefits.

  17. My favorite smoothie, or easily juice, is beet/watermelon/lime/ginger. If smoothie of course add ice/vanilla protein powder and spirulina. If juice blend as is and add a bit of water/ice. Both are equally filling.

  18. My mum's story was, "I walked out the back of the store, and a kitten jumped off a three story building onto a pile of bricks next to me, and so then I had a cat."

  19. Hehe…one of mine literally escaped from the cage during an adoption event at Petsmart and they were chasing him around the store. He ran up my leg and I went home with a cat. He was like 10 weeks and causing all types of havoc.

  20. I was actually trying to avoid metformin with this. I have a family history that doesn’t respond well to it. This was the only treatment I could get without going through BCBS required step plan for alternative treatments since I am just pre-diabetic. 😭

  21. I just sent my provider a message about starting metformin as we’ll bcause I have BCBS and I can get Ozempic with a step therapy drug. Trying to plan for the future once Mounjaro savings card is not honored anymore.

  22. Yeah….Metformin is the step therapy and gosh I was trying to avoid it, but that may be what I will need to do.

  23. Welp…well it was nice while it lasted. I am only pre-diabetic but it helped so much with the symptoms. Wanted to try this before going on metformin😭

  24. Slightly weird and regretful. I missed my baby. There is definitely a loss of her energy in my house. She just crossed a few days ago and I still keep expecting to see her. My other cat is adapting pretty well to her being gone, it’s not possible for him to become more clingy but he has amped up his play antics. I still wonder if I didn’t pull the trigger too fast so to speak even though I know she wasn’t going to recover.

  25. Honestly, it isn’t just Miami’s Cuban population. It seems most foreign POCs lean heavily Republican. I don’t necessarily believe it is due to their values aligning with conservative politics…but more they seem to align more with “othering” politics; even amongst themselves. Like they want yo be at the top and don’t care who they step on to get there.

  26. Many foreign POCs particularly from latin america are comimg from socialist and communist countries. You can't blame them for wanting to stay away from what failed where they are coming from.

  27. I don’t and wouldn’t blame them, if that is how they actually voted. However, many foreign POCs vote for the same values which they ran from. It is also not just the foreign POCs. The Vietnamese and Thai population, amongst a few others vote largely Republican as well.

  28. I am only a week in with the 2.5mg dose and it’s astonishing how much it suppresses your appetite and inhibits you desire to eat. Like, I can’t snack even if I want to because the minute something hits my tongue I am full and grossed out.

  29. It is seriously easy to hack most phones. YouTube have a plethora of videos on how to. Heck, even TikTok has videos on how to hack phones and bypass lock codes and facial scans.

  30. I’m so sorry you are going through this. It’s so hard I know. I know you didn’t ask for opinions but I personally think it’s not premature. A hiding cat is a scared cat or cat in pain. I will post a link to a test I was given by my humane society. They said do the test several times a day because usually they are worst at night and conditions change hourly sometimes. Note your scores. One good day doesn’t mean they are doing well. One bad day doesn’t mean it’s time. Assess the trend. I think deep down in your heart you know it’s time or you wouldn’t be posting here. I support your decision either way and I imagine everyone here would. We never want our babies to suffer and so we take on the suffering ourselves through letting go. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Big hugs. ❤️

  31. Have they checked for pancreatitis? I just lost my dog to it. A lot of what your describing sounds like it could be that

  32. They did…it came back normal. It was one of the last things the verified. Mainly because the test took so long to come back.

  33. NTA - I really love that this up and coming generation has no issue with matching people’s energy. Granted, I am only 40, but your generation is different for real.

  34. Asian instant coffees are seriously bomb. My favorite is the Korean gold Maxim instant coffee. It comes in jar format and pre-sweetened/creamer sticks. The latter of which is my absolute favorite. They are technically for my hurricane kit but I drink them whenever.

  35. Imma be honest, and hope I don’t jinx myself, but I haven’t had a ticket in a decade and tend to speed. Granted, I follow the traffic unit most days I don’t even know what the speed limit is here.

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