1. Maddy and Fez. Before him and Lexi got together I thought they would’ve made a cute balanced pair.

  2. I hate Faran’s mom too but shouldn’t Wes who kept trying to get at an underage girl go first before her???

  3. My favorite Serena scene is her at the cotillion with Dan and Apologize plays and Lily looks at them smiling.

  4. I wouldn’t put it past Sam to just randomly make him a main character lol. Imagine season 3 is just about him

  5. she had no where near as much screentime-- not even episode wise, she was in all but two episodes ezra in all but one, she was in like 30 more episodes than mona, but both of them had significantly more screentime and one is just a love interest.

  6. I don’t even think Alison had that many episodes. I remember her rarely being in the show sometimes (which makes sense because she’s dead) and I checked IMDB and it says shes in 160 episodes but she was listed as “only credited” for about 30+ of them.

  7. It really should just end after season 3. Teen dramas or any really any show can only go on for so long without it going downhill. Quit while they’re ahead

  8. I agree but I feel like it’s really the viewers fault tbh. Cassie’s trauma and history is known by the audience. He didn’t have to bring it up BUT since the fans reacted this way I wish it shouldve been.

  9. The best revenge she can get in my opinion is to get over him to a point where she doesn’t give a fuck about him. She is already on a good path. I would love to see her happy and healthy

  10. I completely agree! The best thing for Maddy is to completely remove herself from Nate. He’ll get what’s coming to him

  11. I’m not sure if anyone’s pointed this out yet but when Maddy tells Samantha what they did she said “Me and Theo played 2.5 hours of video games and he said demons are gonna steal my heart when I sleep.” Later that night when she’s about to go to sleep, Nate assaults her and steals the heart necklace he got for her. AKA the demon who stole her heart.

  12. Making Julian an influencer was expected but really boring. I didn’t like the holiday episode where we’re supposed to believe that Julian was stalked by hundreds of New Yorkers because they wanted a glimpse of her in person. 🙈

  13. I might be wrong but I think she has like 13million followers in the show?? which is more than a lot of celebrities honestly so I think it makes sense? But at the same times there’s a bunch of inconsistencies. Correct me if Im wrong

  14. True but even the follower amount seems a bit inflated lol influencers usually have way less

  15. I honestly dont know haha. I guess she’s supposed to be like their world’s Emma Chamberlain? I don’t keep up with her or knows what she does exactly but she’s an influencer who’s famous enough to be on Vogue and get invited to the Met

  16. In episode six, the day after the party, it’s clear that Cassie has spent the entire day ranting about this, trying to paint herself as the victim.

  17. Yeah I get what you’re saying but in my opinion they still really didnt do anything. They tried to talk it out with her but clearly it didn’t work. And this was AFTER they already discussed she was not well. They should’ve got her some therapy sessions and had a heart to heart with no yelling. I get she definitely was being annoying and frustrating but they have to understand Cassie’s position, a very vulnerable girl who has been sexualized all her life and has daddy issues, and is at her lowest point her life, would easily get with an abusive man. Which they don’t even think to wonder if she was being mentally or physically abused? Suze may not have known but Lexi definitely would have. I’m not saying Cassie’s a perfect saint, she’s definitely far from, but at the end of the day (not trying to compare her to any other character) she’s been through a lot.

  18. I’m sure a lot of people will argue but you’re totally right. It really irked me how they didn’t take her seriously or bother with checking up on her. I get it to a certain degree—Cassie was out of control and acting like the victim plus couldn’t see that Nate was trash so Suze couldn’t do much to change her mind, and Lexi is always trying to keep track of Cassie (which isn’t even her responsibility) only for Cassie to blow up on her and treat her like shit so it’s totally understandable why she was fed up, but even still…it was disheartening to see how them having to hide the knives and shit in the house because she was so depressed was treated as some kind of funny or lighthearted joke. There was nothing funny about that.

  19. Thank you yes! And yeah Cassie definitely was resisting at times when Lexi asked her about but it doesn’t matter if Cassie would’ve reacted that way because she was not okay. In my opinion the big thing for me is that her mom and sister knew she was NOT mentally well and didn’t try to seek her help. I love Lexi and Suze but it’s something they should’ve done realistically. And its not “oh they tried she shut them out”, no they should’ve been persistent to get her help i.e. mandatory therapy.

  20. Probably inspired from the book. After breaking up with Byron, Ella dated a creep who tried to get with Aria and then threatened her to keep her quiet.

  21. This bugged me too!! I thought maybe Eddie Lamb from the original also was pretending to be Eddie Lamb??? Like how Toby was?? It just didn’t make any sense. They should’ve just used a different character because the original Eddie Lamb wouldn’t even have been old enough to work at Radley during the time

  22. Rue overdoses and dies. Cassie starts substance abusing and becomes a sex worker on the streets. Maddy doesn’t make it out and is forced to live a life like her mother and is probably in another abusive relationship. Fez stays in jail. Nate becomes successful (though it makes sense for this to happen regardless).

  23. I think they wanted to get in on the 90's/00's nostalgia craze.. Which isn't a particularly good reason but could explain why they set it up this way. Making it multi-generational does feel like a riff off the original PLL but they didn't do a great job of making the audience care about the first gen, imo.

  24. I love the 90s-2000s element but I feel like they could’ve just set the whole show in the 90s-2000s you know? I agree they do need to focus on less characters. Like what was Tyler’s purpose really? He didn’t really add anything and the show would’ve been the exact same without him. The moms being involved is very Riverdale. With how the parents were dating, it goes back to them in high school, that sort of thing. It’s just played out imo.

  25. In my opinion I feel like the only relationships that should’ve lasted were Haleb and Spoby. Ezria and Emison were just awful. Aria should have ended up with someone like Jason. Someone freespirited who wanted to travel the world and help people. Maybe even Noel if they didnt make him a villain. I dont want to say Jason because he was way older than her when she was in high school. And the Alison/Emily pregnancy/relationship was so forced. Alison loved how Emily worshipped her, she didn’t actually love her. Emily should’ve ended up with Maya if she was still alive or just been on her own.

  26. Emison was SUPER forced, in every way. If only Maya had just moved away or something. That relationship was beautiful 💔

  27. Right!! I wish they gave Alison’s storyline to Maya! If it was Maya who was actually hiding out from A or from Nate/Lyndon and they think she’s dead and she comes back. And they just went with the Alison twin storyline or kept her dead IMO.

  28. This was always weird to me too!! Plotwise I guess it makes sense for Tabby and Imogen not to have siblings because that would have to be a whole other storyline of Imogen’s sibling also losing their mom or Tabby’s sibling having to live with Imogen (which could’ve been done if they done right). I think they couldve easily given Noa and Faran a sibling. Noa having a little brother or sister she has to take care of and reassure of their moms addiction. Faran having a little sister who also has the constant pressure of being perfect from their mother.

  29. She was really persistent and passionate when she was trying to get something done. She fights for what she wants. She’s extremely defensive/protective over her family and friends and she actually threatened others for messing with them.

  30. That’s very true. Aria was always threatening somebody and never actually doing anything about it..😂 Spencer and Hanna though were rumbling!🥊💥

  31. How were Spencer and Hanna rumbling tho? I remember aria threatening Mona like three times and she even had her crying once.

  32. Spencer attacked Mona during the Toby/A era and Hanna slapped blind Jenna in the bathroom!

  33. I don’t think its been updated because Aria would be 28 since she was born in 1994

  34. I’d also suggest wearing gold hoops instead of silver because it ties in better with the orange and red but up to you!!! This is a very cool costume idea

  35. Omg thank you for the suggestion!! I didn’t even think about that but now that I’m picturing it more, gold would look better. I was also trying to look for mary janes but I’m just worried about comfortability for the entire night

  36. Totally understandable! Either way this costume is gonna be so cute! Please post the pictures the night of the rave when you go!!

  37. Everyone says they miss the camp factor but I think it’s honestly too campy for my liking. I do really like the show but it just has that “out of this universe” Riverdale feel to it that I don’t like. Pretty Little Liars (In the first seasons) was more realistic which I liked. I loved how every episode looked like it was in the fall. It felt so cozy. And all the girls being together and their friendship moments. You don’t really get that in the new show. And It makes me feel like I’m watching a Disney horror movie most of the time. Especially with the writing….

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