1. It’s weird, you would think they had a budget planned out for the whole season. Collision was supposed to happen in a few weeks and all the sudden everything was stopped? Also they just got their own studio, we’ve only seen about 5 matches filmed in there.

  2. I went to a 10:30 showing last night and it was the same exact vibe. Everyone cheered for a five minutes when the movie ended, and the crowd was almost as hype as they were for No Way Home

  3. Matches being announced ahead of FNT, promos/ smack talk before all the matches like it used to be, more audience interaction from The Chairman (for example the Facebook live streams or anything where he used to talk Schmoedown).

  4. Are they’re any Casey’s in Michigan ?

  5. Yes, I live in Michigan and I’ve never seen a Casey’s in this state. I’ve searched online for locations in Michigan and I can’t find many either

  6. We did it kid, First time in a long time, Broken Road

  7. My area never got pineapple. Always wanted to try it

  8. Sort of? One time in the winter when I first started dashing I was delivering an order with two drinks and one of them spilled in my car on a sliding turn. I took a bottle of water from my car and poor it in the drink to look like it was full.

  9. Also Huntsman Winter War, a nonexistent sequel to a nonexistent success

  10. Wouldn’t You Like to Ride or White Dress

  11. In Windsor, haven’t seen it ANYWHERE as of yet

  12. Just an update: found a bunch at P-Jays video on Walker Rd east

  13. Hype, thanks my man! That’s less than an hour from me!

  14. With Griffy and Kan off The Exchange the faction is left with just Barbarian and Gold Leader? That’s a bummer, I really liked Guccis dynamic with Griffy

  15. Gucci wasn’t answering their calls and they decided they didn’t need a manager

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