1. Spot on! That’s very interesting thank you so much!

  2. I love your analysis! And I think you are right.I am not really convinced they are psychopaths, more than than they are victims of a long torturous history of repressed anger never released. The massacre was their release.

  3. I see it in the lower case 'f' which is very streamlined and the lower case 'th' combination which actually looks like an 'x' and unusual.

  4. Heya, now I've a huge interest towards learning Graphology! It's intriguing and interesting, as well.

  5. I recently downloaded a PDF of that book and it's wonderful, looks apt for a beginner like me.

  6. Great to hear. I have my own copy and thought is would be great for beginning graphology students. All the best for you!

  7. That is fascinating and surprisingly accurate. Especially the contrast you describe between logical and analytical decisions and then aggressive outbursts on the other side. That is a huge pattern in my life.

  8. Hey thank you so much for the resources.... I have already started the basic analysis meanwhile learning about it. Power of the mind is insane.

  9. You are welcome! I hope the resources will encourage you to continue your interest in graphology. All the best for you.

  10. Damn my mind is blown lol. This describes me to the T! I am a writer and I used to run a studio for graphics designers and motion designers, dance has been my hobby since I was 6 lol. Also can I ask you what does my writing reveal about my emotions? And how do I start learning Graphology or where do I start it? I appreciate you taking the time for the work, it has inspired me to start learning something that I always thought was a stupid idea lol but now I realise I was being closed minded.

  11. Wow. This helps so much. And you are so spot on. Thank you for analyzing my writing.

  12. Great to hear. Thank you for your reply and contributing to this sub. All the best for you.

  13. Thank you for taking the time to analyze my handwriting! Many of your statements are terrifyingly accurate haha. I am indeed a very creative person and am proud of that aspect of myself. I don't know my IQ though so I can't confirm whether your calculation is accurate but that's a very flattering compliment lol.

  14. Wow, this is a very good analysis, thanks for this, I do sometimes feel out of touch with my self or with others, when you mean detached do you mean in a non empathetic way or as in just reserved etc

  15. wow, i didn’t take graphology very seriously but this is surprisingly on point. i am an extremely intense and driven person, and a highly creative artist. i have severe mental illness in the form of CPTSD and spend a lot of time studying philosophy, making art, or tending to my plants. extremely intense emotions but equally intense self control and self awareness to moderate it all. i’ve always been curious about the fact that i write the bare minimum of a word. i used to use shorthand because i could get it out faster. being effective and direct is important to me. is this connected? thanks for all the detail.

  16. Thank you for your quick reply and excellent feedback. I appreciate your sharing.

  17. very interesting. when i write i can sense that it is very fast and minimal, expressive but very contained, like it is trying to hide inside itself, yet often with large loops and slicing, hard T crosses.

  18. Thank you again for your additional feedback, it makes sense when I look at the writing. Great to hear of your improvement.

  19. That actually makes sense. I would say a week ago I had an "awakening"? At least that's what I would call it. I felt I had suddenly "evolved" somehow. I'm not trying to sound as if I'm the main character, but I was suddenly hit with this feeling of sudden realization, but there was nothing to realize. I feel I had a sudden will to change when it hit me. Thank you for your response though :)

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