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  1. Once i had a klobbe run with chance bullets and combined rifle, it was glorious, the klobbe still sucks arse by itself tho

  2. I'm actually working on 2 new bosses right now for an extremely amazing person, but I won't divulge any details just yet! 👀

  3. Trading a bit of your health and a key to significantly decrease the hp of everything else, seems like a bargain

  4. Golden junkan does not revive you, only in the white knight form he will revive you

  5. My brother in Christ that's literally how life has managed to continue for the vast majority of animal species

  6. I'd rather see something terrifying than something that looks like the most generic character for a cartoon for 5 year olds, i fucking hate things designed for 5 year olds, that bullshit is the reason kids are so fucking dumb nowadays...

  7. In soul knight this is a good challenge increase speed and doge rate but decrease size and health and armour

  8. I’m gonna make a wild guess and say that “spigola” means fish in Italian

  9. How tf does one manage to get even one bite without horrible consequences on their mouth?

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