1. Are you a boomer? Why are they charging you $175 a month and getting away with it?

  2. Didn't know being in 40's makes me a boomer. Thanks for your input though. A simple answer would have been nice but i understand

  3. Pineapples on your door shows the other cruisers how much of a fun couple y'all are

  4. I laughed when they said we would finish 6-6. I guess they were correct

  5. Yep, we are going bowling and now their job is to get missourah bowl eligible

  6. Does Missouri being bowl eligible mean more money for the S.E.C.?

  7. Mine was spotty here and there but worked all day

  8. Idk whats going on. Its dropped and connected 2 times in the last 5 minutes

  9. 6 and 6 if we get lucky somehow down the road. Just not our year

  10. But.....if you decided to move to another department they would find a reason why they cant let you leave

  11. Customers choose to go to self checkouts. If there are registers, they can choose to go to them. If the store is all self checkouts, they can choose to shop somewhere else

  12. Be nice if mine would stay open more than a second. Its always crashing

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