1. I went with a group so we designated a few each day to grab standing room only tickets. Bad part for this was that we had to get in line by 7 each morning, the good part is that you could buy 4 tickets per person for 30$ each. Sunday morning the line wrapped around nearly half the stadium by 8 am. Box office opens at 10 am but moves pretty fast.

  2. Y’all, I’m here and I don’t know what to do. Every grown man around me was crying. I’m still just sitting here in the stands soaking it in.

  3. Well I haven't done tons yet, less than a year on the job, but I I've written some simple forms apps to do iterative design calcs that used to be based on (horribly inaccurate) lookup tables, just finished a utility that takes a spreadsheet and a doc template and creates reports with the spreadsheet info, as well as inserting pictures specific to that report. Generated 79 inspection reports with it this morning, and it's generic enough to work with pretty much any report we need to do in bulk. Also currently working on a pile design program, so you can enter your geotech data and foundation loads and it will design your pile for you. I'm in bridges, mostly.

  4. Man, I work in bridge design as well and would love to be able to make some programs talk to one another. Not sure if excel, mathcad, staad, openbridge, microstation, and my pdf forms would play nice enough together. Any tips where to start learning how to automate some of this stuff? The last programming language I learned was fortran. Not doing that again.

  5. There’s a reasons we’ve always referred to him as Dustin “Dinger” Diamond.

  6. Ah yeah, the guy’s no Screech. Thanks for the fix.

  7. eneg says:

    Just when you think you've seen it all in baseball. I foresee lots of infield defense practice in Alcorn State's future.

  8. You'll probably see that as much as an actual pitcher warming up in their bullpen. So, doubtful.

  9. Would this be scored as 3 SB or an SB and an error? Crazy ass play.

  10. How fucking political the job can be dealing with state and lpa projects. One person thinks you farted in their direction and BAM!, there go future jobs for a bit at least.

  11. Thanks friend! Didn’t even realise the occasion!!

  12. Good boy drone FORTE11 is up and running over Ukraine

  13. the tail no. is RA-96019, its got to be someone important. Putin's tail no. is RA-96012

  14. https://www.rbth.com/lifestyle/334111-putin-jet-il-96

  15. Since you’re heading down the trace to Natchez, and you’re doing the camping thing, you should check out Rocky Springs campground. It’s all primitive camping, but it’s right off the trace and easily accessible. If you have a couple hours while there, you can actually hike portions of the old trace to an abandoned “Ghost” town. There really isn’t much there except an old church from the mid 1800’s. I’ll put up some photos tomorrow if you’re interested.

  16. If they're doing ABC, the new bridge will be open to traffic in another 20 hours

  17. Working on my first ABC project design right now. Two adjacent bridges to be closed and reopened in a weekend. It’s a deck and beam removal being replaced with a widened deck and different beam types. I’m excited.

  18. Nice smooth ride with the springs recurved! 😂

  19. Ha! It made it just fine. No bump stop impacts. Nice and slow drive.

  20. You’re exceeding payload capacity by a few hundred lbs, are you also exceeding GVWR?

  21. Possibly. Only a few miles to destination though. It’ll be ok. I don’t do this often so there’s no cyclical stressing of the suspension. I’m also sure the factor of safety for payload is greater than 1.5

  22. Friendship house outside of Aberdeen has pictures of celebrities all over the wall, they are a world famous fish house. Anthony's and a few others are also incredible in West Point. Despite the critics, the GTA has come a long way.

  23. Never thought I’d see a local shop pop up. Fond memories eating frog legs as a kid there. It’s been a while since I’ve been back, but I bet it hasn’t changed one bit.

  24. I recently read a book called- Dispatches from Pluto. It's non-fiction that takes place in Mississippi and gives good insight about the places the author wrote about.

  25. Still gotta make it past the line of scrimmage with the pass

  26. Done it a few times. I will say, grab a good canvas tarp and drape it over the sides. It’ll reduce chances of scratches and dings, and when you’ve unloaded the truck, you’ll have less in the tail gait and less debris to clean anyway!

  27. I have this tool that makes it really easy to unload. It's like a tarp conveyor belt with a crank hand. I think I got it from harbor freight. It can unload a pile of crush and run in about 30 seconds. Not sure of the total weight it can move, but it's moved smaller rocks and sand and gravel and mulch.

  28. It really does stand out. The neighbours tell me it lights up my porch on a sunny day.

  29. Perusing through the posts tonight and it seems inferno is the favoured colour of the worker truck. Thought I’d add my contribution of today’s work, deck removal!

  30. Congratulations, you just saw a load of bring-back vehicles from Afghanistan.

  31. Note the mounting point on the roll bars in the beds. Probably not for a big ol spotlight.

  32. So Neon stated his office was burgled during the game (he was grateful he was wearing his chains). A JSU rep then said it wasn't, that his things were just misplaced, to which Deion replied that the rep was lying and that his assistant walked in on someone trying to take things. This whole coaching thing is going to end so badly for everyone involved.

  33. This is the second time his stuff has been taken, that folks know of.

  34. My professors would say a person bringing a ridiculous amount of books with them to the exam will usually fail.

  35. Not unless you’re taking the structural portion. That absolutely required a suitcase.

  36. The story he told me was that his buddy brought in a small cart stacked with books and still failed.

  37. TLDR; I think that really comes down to prepping properly for the exam. For the morning portion, 90% can be answered by the CERM, depending on the afternoon, you’re looking between +4 books to +6.

  38. I love my T9. Slow and steady, also a huge target sometimes. What is a powerplay module benefit?

  39. Are you me? I also smoke BBQ and own a Tacoma.

  40. Uh, what color tacoma and what type of smoker? This could get weird.

  41. Mine is charcoal gray and an old country bbq offset smoker.

  42. Inferno and a WSM. Hard to beat the combo of the three though (PE, Tacoma, and a good smoker).

  43. I did this mad lad style with the type 9, little shields, collector limpets, and the rest being cabins. Hunkered down launching heat sinks and getting tapped by debris. It was all fun until I got knocked into the wall and couldn't escape. I died, along with all the other souls.

  44. It's a huge improvement. My dad taught at Ol' Miss in 1980-81. I went down to visit from Nashville and went to a ballgame. I remember the park back then was nothing to write home about.

  45. Ha! In that timespan, it was in a different location. It would have been closer to the center of campus than the football field is. It was also nothing to write home about

  46. You know, I moved back home to Texas right after that and I don't think I've been on that beautiful campus in Oxford since. It was an interesting time and place. My dad was friends with Willie Morris, or at least as good friends as a moderate drinker could be.

  47. Man, throwing in some old school names there. You should come back for a game. These last few renovations are amazing and the campus is only getting more beautiful.

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