This day proves once again that TA is useless for GME.

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  1. Because they will just go back in debt by buying some old failing Regal or some crap, have already looked into buying them.

  2. Margin call is the wrong terminology. You are thinking share recall.

  3. Thank you, why is this not done more in this trpe of situation? Can it help with filling these sort positions?

  4. If I had to guess, you would need a reason to recall them and claiming stock manipulation is not a good idea. Which is weird because if a CEO makes claims like that it’s considered illegal and if I remember correctly it’s ironically considered a form of manipulation.

  5. Hmm wonder if calling for one to do a 10:1 split would be a good reason...

  6. Well once our national oil reserves are sucked dry by the administration in efforts to bring prices down and look good you will then see historic increases that favor all other countries as we will be at their mercy for whatever they want to charge us!!!

  7. Not only holding. Drive an extra 25min each way to go to AMC over the local Regal!!!

  8. I will probably sell just one at some point. But they are going to have to pay a fucking HUUUUGE price for it. Like 8 figures price, minimum. Just one. That's all any of us will need to sell. If you wanted to. NFA. Do your own shit. I'm a regard. 💎🙌🦍

  9. Im so far into the shit hole I might have to sell 2...

  10. Now they are transferring my accounts over and i have to create a Schwab account to access them!

  11. I do also have a IRA account on top of my trading account. Didn't even think about that one!!!

  12. Reminds me of the tv series Fantasy Island. (Look Boss, The Plane, The Plane!)

  13. Would love to see a Toys-R-Us website where you can order to smaller site to store locations. Or maybe even a contract with USPS or Amazon

  14. No their not back, those are new ones!!!

  15. Wait the rules don't apply to this stock,. You mean there are rules???

  16. So been wondering, can we directly sell our DRS shares from CS when we reach Saturn or to we have to move them back to broker!

  17. Ty been wondering since i drs them

  18. If you’re using a 1 for cocaine, you can’t afford cocaine

  19. Hoe else you supposed to snort it 🤣

  20. Not sure how to use the DRS Bot or add my shares to the counter.

  21. Well im late to the DRS party but better late than never. Just DRS 50% yesterday to get account goung and will DRS other 50% when thats done. TDA said might be 2 weeks. Uuhhhgggg

  22. Just started the process myself getting the same resonse... 😪

  23. No DRS? Wish you luck that you get your Splividend Shares after all Computershare Shares get theirs.

  24. They finally got me my shares after 5 hours of trading!!!

  25. My gme dipped to -108% at 4am. My number of shares remain the same. What's up with that?

  26. Same i called was advised they havent received them yet might not reflect till monday

  27. Still think they are moving their shorts to a fall company... little by little

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