One Piece chapter 1066 Spoilers

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I did some impressions of OP

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  1. Honestly stick round… fierce has literally the ultimate “worst to (redacted)” trajectory and her personality really grows on you. She’s a whiny baby but ends up being an endearing and charming one, because she’s self aware enough to add two layers to it.

  2. Bitch me too exactly. I even got downvoted to hell for criticizing her without watching the rest of the season.

  3. This is how we watched anime back in the day, lmao.

  4. I just can't, but then I remember 12-13 yos still exist.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed Dragon's a hunter? Check out his XX logo. Lol

  6. i really loved the teamup between usopp and yasopp. that made so excited to see them finally meet in the manga. and absolutely the scene when

  7. My jaw dropped in that scene. Seeing it animated and in full color was... surreal!

  8. Happy birthday! Went by myself today aswell, so many subtle hints. Is ZoSan real?

  9. Nunca en México, solo en un mall de USA. A los 16 por estar hablando español por celular, me amedrentó una pareja negra.

  10. Lol you really have to wonder about Vegapunk's current state if he has to make a whole other self in order to eat.

  11. One Piece is looking more and more like that Ghibli movie Laputa, castle in the sky. Even the advanced technology and the ancient robots

  12. Leave them be, their theories are actually neat.

  13. The irony of saturation, being S14 the first season with a top 5.

  14. Pinche mono viejo y pelón se me hacía bien culero hasta que supe lo de su fabricación. Vamosai.

  15. From X to 14 Pro, not really that much of a difference.

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