1. There are bots that usually get all these codes and then redeem them. That's probably why

  2. Or even the 850? Seems strange for OP to be fixated on such a specific engine, I assume for tuning potential, when you can buy a car that is better in all categories stock and not have to tear it apart and wear it out quicker.

  3. There's a great offer on them atm, especially in the UK. I was at the dealership yesterday and there's one brand new in stock for 18k off MSRP.

  4. Can you shoot me a dm of how you find someone to find clients for you and how you make ads. I just got started and would love to know also does it really being in 2,500-10k a month? Thank you

  5. I don't do smma anymore lol. Luckily I was able to find something I was more passionate about

  6. unpopular opinion but if you think those kind of braindead influencers have the secret key to the quickest money history has ever seen and is willing to teach you for a small fee of $2999 then you lowkey don't deserve money. Donate it to charity, the government, any other entities will be better equiped to handle your money than you.

  7. I've been looking into different videos on youtube on how to build a business from the ground up. I don't know the steps to start, do you have any advice on how and where to start?

  8. I mean what is it you're wanting to do? But first step would simply be to just email companies you'd want to work with. Like let's say you're looking into starting up a car rental business, you can start emailing other car rental business' asking if you can use their cars for your own business and see what kinds of rates you can get before you then commit to making your site and stuff. Hopefully that helps you!

  9. Consumer electronics show. It's where all of the latest tech such as new robotics, vr headsets, speakers, new car features etc get shown off to the public for a hands on experience.

  10. in the book atomic habits it talks about a how to make habit easier and out of all the habit book i've read so far its the most reliable one so it'll help you enable and disable focus when you in and out of collage.

  11. Perhaps custom settings can find the focus mode....?

  12. Tried this using autotools but toggling it is undetected by the app unfortunately

  13. Maybe look into the lockmeout app. It was great when i used it.

  14. Do you mean the option in the "developer options"?

  15. Currently I was using the basic colour correction as part of accessibility to do it, but also seems to work! Thanks

  16. Ah that's probably it, I'll try that as a solution later. I had to use str as when I was writing to the file, it would come up saying entry and string cannot be added, so I had to cast Ur to a string

  17. Thanks a ton, you actually just helped me solve a different problem I was about to ask here!

  18. I now wish I got my formula one from Hont... Damm I want to have a proper box for mine 🫠

  19. As already explained, in this case the problem is the returns. They prevent the call chain from propagating. In fact they don't seem to be used in the program in the first place, so the easiest solution would be to simply remove them.

  20. Thanks a ton man! If i had any rewards I'd give you them!

  21. Seeing as you're self taught, which particular platforms or people do you recommend to check out? With the amount of courses out there it's different to know which ones are in depth when you have no prior knowledge. I'll make sure to follow those naming conventions from now on and stop using 'camel toe' 😅

  22. And i shall now happily steal that to use as my wallpaper :)

  23. I don't know any c++, but I'm open to trying to learn it! I'm more interested in trying to hone the skills I already have with c#/unity programming, first though.

  24. Iirc, I remember being told c# and c++ are fairly similar since they're both based off of c. Currently I only know python though lol

  25. By any chance would you be creating it in c++? I'm looking into learning it but lack the motivation at the time lol. Would be fun to make a game for my NEA

  26. Congratulations on your investor!! But more so, thanks for bringing this platform to my attention!!! I can hopefully now build my dream company because of my exposure to this sign so tysm

  27. I would join you in this journey but i feel like i would be too young for you lol (turning 17 this year). Anyways if you're up for it, I am in the UK so would have the same time zone and would find an accountability partner helpful.

  28. What did you changed with appcloner plz ?

  29. In manifest you have to swap out the white colours for black and vice versa. I'd build it for you but I don't have the £2 to buy it lol

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