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  1. I like to use the core wood beam laid down in rows. Then you can just walk alongside one aim for the middle and get a good mouse click rhythm.

  2. I really like mine but I would opt for not getting the big wide one. They make a taller one that holds more and is easier to handle. The wide one would be a disaster to try to pour out of.

  3. Don’t you mean “then vs. meow” ?

  4. Someone never did their research on Shadowmarks and it shows.

  5. Lol, yeah! That's it... you're doing them a SERVICE! Helping to clean up and get rid of all that nasty, dirty, gold and jewels...

  6. Looks like you’ve got room. Time to buy more sets!!

  7. Both look great, but I'm really digging the gold with blue numbers!

  8. The way that skeleton moves tho shudders

  9. Wow. He’s way further than I thought. I wasted about 60 jet balls and never hit him.

  10. The first cherrubi I found was in an alpha. Found it at the lonely spring in the highlands

  11. Wow I didn’t even know they were in the highlands!

  12. Ok thank god lol. I was imagining not being able to catch it because of the bug and my heart hurts 😅Congrats on the alpha!

  13. I was so worried for you that he was about to disappear with the distortion 😅

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