1. my first project is a shitty wallet ahaha fuck, i’m doomed

  2. It took YEARS to get this done, the stitching is not the best in some places and the shape of the cheeks is not anywhere close to the same, so don't be hard on yourself!

  3. Well done, my first project was a one ear headstall as well, yours is fancier though with the inlays! What kind of leather did you use for the straps?

  4. Oh man, I'm not 100% sure I remember everything lol. I believe the bottom part of the cheeks with the inlay applied was 9-10 Oz of the cheaper (not Hermann oak) veg tan form springfield, and same for the top layer only it was 5-6 Oz. The ear was just a random piece of belly I dyed to match since its a non weight bearing piece, and the crown WAS going to be the same as the cheeks but without the inlay. About half way through hand sewing it together, I got the bright idea to go dig around in my junk box in the barn, and that's where I got the crown! I know, I cheated, but I couldn't bring myself to hand make one when I had a perfectly good one that matched just laying around! And thank you, I feel like it was a good learning experience!

  5. Man that’s so cool that you were able to be just gifted them like that. And freaking 4 no less!

  6. One of the benefits of working in a warehouse is that I get to know a lot of people, so I end up with a lot of leads on some cool stuff!

  7. When I was in college 25+ years ago, I was tending bar at a TGI Fridays to put myself through school. One day the "cool stuff to put on the wall" decorator came through with a bunch of antiques to refresh the look of the place. We struck up a conversation and before he left he asked me if I wanted anything from his stash. I chose one of those signs.

  8. I'm glad it made you smile! Maybe someday you will find yours, you have a neat story!

  9. I got mine for 750 about a year ago, I think it was cheap because it's a 5 digit SN. You might get lucky and find one, but I would suggest upping your budget to about 1k

  10. Got this super cheap at an auction and don't know much about it. Is there any way to find out what year it's from? I know it's dated 1945, but im not sure when the Ryukyus Command and 5th army would have served at the same time

  11. After some research and waiting around for the right deal, I was able to come home with this beautiful example of a Type 98 Shin Gunto that was made in 1944. My husband picked up the gas mask, which is also in pretty nice shape. I ran the labels through Google translate, it said it was Army Air Defense, but I know how unreliable Google translate is. This year's show was a great success, we got what we went there for and came in below budget!

  12. My husband volunteers at a museum, and one of the guys he works with brought this to him and asked if he was interested in it. I dont have a blacklight handy, but i have found some listings that look very similar and they are authentic from reputable sites. But, i know there are good fakes out there.

  13. UFO was spotted from my backyard. Captured with an iPhone and digitally enhanced to try and remove some of the blur. I live south of Downtown Chicago. This thing DID NOT move like a normal flying object it changed elevation and was moving so quickly it was almost impossible to catch on video before it disappeared. Anyone see anything similar?

  14. It looks like what Ryan Graves described to Joe Rogan. He said when they were flying they saw cubes in transparent spheres

  15. I picked this helmet up a couple years ago from an antique store, it was pretty much an impulse buy that i forgot about until today when i was going through things. I think its a Schlueter , but i dont see the typical S stamp. From what info ive found, it does look like it lines up with features on a Schlueter with the round feet on the fixed bale and round stamps near the seam, but im not versed enough to tell from the shape.

  16. yep, absolutely a Schlueter fixed bail. You can tell by the rounded bails and the circular seam spot welds. It's been repainted post war but fixed bail Schlueters aren't super common.

  17. Sweet! Thank you! Whats one of these worth? I see ebay prices, but i know how that is

  18. How did you get to play crystal clear on a console? I've only been playing it on an emulator on my phone.

  19. I got it off retro gamers us, they have a lot of the popular rom hacks available

  20. Wow! The custom shells on here lately have been gorgeous 😍

  21. Thank you! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, it’s even better in person!

  22. Check all pockets for anything inside. The interior pockets will probably have a tag in them which may have a name. Also look out for laundry numbers which may look like this: G1234

  23. I looked for a laundry number with no luck, but I’ll flip the pockets and see if there’s anything in them. I didn’t look too close, but I’ll take the time and really check it out tomorrow

  24. Best of luck! I love hunting down the prior owners of my uniforms. Just recently found that a uniform I own was worn by a captain that helped train the pilots that took the recon pictures for D-Day.

  25. That’s incredible! I’d love to have something like that some day. Finding out who wore the uniforms is so rewarding! I only own about 10 uniforms, and I’ve been able to name 8 so far, so hopefully I can get this one named and bump that up to 9

  26. It is a 1. Mk2 production started with serial 100,000. This serial doesn't have an associated contract with it.

  27. It says mk2 though? Why would they stamp it as a mk2 before production began? I’ll check out the links, thanks!

  28. I know, it is a mk2. I'm saying the serial starts with a "1" before the "4" the serial is 141,766. The first production mk2 had serial "100,000" as not all guns start at serial "1."

  29. I gotcha now! I see where others in the second thread made the same assumption I did. It does have a U stamped in the second picture, but I’m unsure if that’s the U that’s for the African contract. It has something stamped above it, but I don’t think it’s a broad arrow, but it’s hard to tell

  30. Hey, I just saw I couple that are coming up for auction, I can PM you a link if you want. Super neat collection!

  31. Thank you yeah send the link I’ll check it out if they are on eBay it might be my listing I posted lol

  32. Sent you the link. Not sure what they usually go for, but they seem pretty reasonable as of right now. Good luck!

  33. Sweet guns, yours is in beautiful shape! I was lucky enough to get four no4 mk2 a few years back for around 400 each if I remember right. I have the best gun shop owner ever that knows how to sucker me out of my money lol. Two are actual Irish contract, all matching including bayonets and original box, ones an all matching African contract, and the last is a still mummy wrapped UF55 just like this one. They are amazing shooters, you will love it! Just as a side note, all of mine will puncture the primers on S&B ammo, so if you happen to purchase some of that just keep that in mind.

  34. A giant Cubone? Irl, I'm not sure, though others here say whale?

  35. Thank you! Poor guy getting news of his friends being hurt or killed while he’s in such a crappy situation. One of the newspaper clippings talked about his regiment being stuck under a cliff, having to eat leaves and drink mud or risk getting shot if they decided to look for something better. Another talked about how they lost 62 horses in a day

  36. Thank you so much! You are correct about his regiment, and as for the map here’s a link to a post about it when I first got it. There’s also a newspaper clipping that’s an interesting read as well. I really appreciate your help!

  37. I think it’s going to clean up nice! I used horse brushes, and in my opinion they worked pretty well. First I used the coconut fiber brush to knock most of the big crap off, then went to the softer face brush for the more stubborn stuff that needed scrubbed. I used the hoof pick a lot, it was very useful for the grime that was set in deep. I would use the pick to gently rub the spots , then once it was loose I would flick it off with the brush on the back. The last brush was useful for flicking the fine dust off, and I used a lightly damp cloth on the worst spots to help lift everything out of the fiber. It’s not perfect by any means, but it looks way better than it was!

  38. Pictures of the ponies for tax since I’ve been using their nice brushes that are supposed to only be used for shows 😅

  39. He did say there was a gun, but my grandparents house got broken in to years ago so it was stolen 😭 he didn’t know what it was, my luck it was a type 2 paratroop Or type 44

  40. The collar pins are not original also, on the left side is USAF transitional pins and on the right is standard ww2 AAF pins. Neither were used by the 6th army or the unit represented by the other patch

  41. He served in the Air Force in Korea, so that’s probably where those came from

  42. Cool! Looks clean too. The short stock on the one I shot totally punched me in the nose! Saw stars big time. My 6'1" frame doesn't mesh with her🤣🤣

  43. Holy crap I bet!! This little thing firing such a big caliber is kinda ridiculous😬 My husbands 6’6 so he would probably feel your pain! I’m only 5’3, and I have a hard time with long guns but can shoot carbines like a champ 😂 makes my husband jealous that I can shoot my Argentine carbines and his 45-70 better than him. Hope your nose made a full recovery!!

  44. See my website for more info on the 24th series:

  45. Yep, what they said is what I would recommend as well. At most, if it’s got dust and grime on it I would get a lightly damp microfiber cloth and gently go over the top of the stock to clean it, then a dry one to pick up anything else. There are products specifically for gun metal, like the big 45 frontier pad which I’ve personally had great luck with, but bronze wool works just as well. This gun will never be “beautiful”, as it wasn’t when it left the factory. If you’re wanting a pretty arisaka, I would recommend picking up another thats an early war model instead of trying to do any work to this one. The chatter marks and crudeness are what makes these later war models desirable, so please don’t do anything to the stock, it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be

  46. Need to put the “Susan get my pants” video on here. Beautiful, steady video of a monster with great commentary lol

  47. Finally made it out, I randomly got teleported to a Pokémon center. It was fun while it lasted!

  48. Sorry about the bad pictures, I don’t have internet so can’t upload them directly. I was in a small dead end cave picking up an item, and an invisible salandit attacked me, punching me through the wall. Every time I defeated a Pokémon or ran, another would immediately show up and push me farther back until I fell completely off the map. This happened about 20 minutes ago as of posting this, and I’m still wondering around down here!

  49. I’ve been wanting a milsurp related tattoo for a while now, so I figured the Chrysanthemum would be a good place to start! Most wouldn’t even know it’s gun related, except those in the know. I’m thinking about going back and having Type 99 added below, but I’m not sure yet

  50. It flew over my house a couple days ago, caught my eye how low it was flying so I snagged a picture and got on flight radar to check it out. It was flying in a zig-zag pattern back and forth from Texas to northern Indiana, I spotted it in south eastern Illinois. I wonder what they are up to

  51. Going dark monotype for scarlet with Meowscarada, lokix, houndoom, bombirdier, paradox Salamance and either tyranitar or umbreon and for violet im going to use whatever, just going to go with the flow and enjoy it

  52. should use Kingambit until you get paradox mence in the post game :)

  53. I will have to do that! I didn’t see that it was going to be post game, but I can see why with it’s crazy stats!

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