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  1. Best answer so far. The answer is not just a no, but a hell no.

  2. Bingo. You typically can not use bullets in guns not made for them in ANY scenario unless you want to be seriously injured or die. There are a very small amount of exceptions to this but for someone who doesn’t know enough about them to even make this post I wouldn’t worry about those ones

  3. Temper tantrum a bit harder there sheepboi. Lmao it'll definitely get your point across.

  4. Fails to compose an argument and then threw a fucking hissy fit when his emojis didn’t get to you. What a fucking cringe box lmao

  5. cheap steel jacketed projectiles against rocks at night, miss doing that. love the sparks

  6. Is there no chance of a ricochet when doing this? Genuinely asking I’m never sure about shooting anything other then the hill I usually shoot at simply because I’m worried it might go in the wrong direction.

  7. No one is significantly trying to stop you from buying or owning guns. Some politicians talk about banning this or that, but there is no wide scale effort to disarm the people. That’s just propaganda.

  8. 2nd quotes are things you said dumbass 🤣 learn to read

  9. How dare you have the right to own threads and not use it. Us here in CA are crying right now.

  10. Jeeeesus people in Cali can’t even have threaded barrels? What goes through these peoples heads when they write these laws? I can’t imagine banning threaded barrels and genuinely thinking it would do literally anything to help gun violence.

  11. As someone who has only ever fired a mil spec trigger I didn’t see anything wrong with it. In comparison to my p80 glock it was pretty light. Can’t imagine what a 2.5 pound single stage must feel like.

  12. I second this. This is not "amazing advertising" but merely killing animals. I reported this for animals abuse.

  13. I’m beginning to suspect the right’s universal hatred of Michelle Obama and praising of Melania Trump was based on nothing more than their skin colour!

  14. You're absolutley right, and you totally understood my point.

  15. Yet he’s downvoted and you have 9 upvotes. What a bunch of fucking mouth breathers 🤣

  16. 😂😂. Idk I kind of prefer variety that’s why. I already have 1 9mm PCC and now a 9mm handgun don’t know why would I need a 3rd 9mm you know.

  17. I will be looking into what the have to offer… Ive heard flannel daddy promote them so im sure they’re good to go.

  18. Don’t get your hopes too high though. Their retro stuff is pretty much never in stock. I’ve been waiting for months myself.

  19. As usual, ugly psa marking on the receiver, no folding trunnion, dodgy qc, what would you expect? Found it on insta, posted by a user named tylerjamalshoots.

  20. Thank you so much! Having that reference point, I think you’re right based on the bolt knob, and the safety switch with “Safe” marked at the back. I really appreciate it!!!

  21. Could be a Stevens as well. My 84 year old uncle gave me his recently and it is identical to the one in the picture just marked “stevens” instead of savage. Look into click clack guns. iirc they were big in 40s-60s.

  22. It's the optic I've got right now. Eventually I'll have a Primary Arms 1-8x FFP SLx ACSS Raptor on it, but that's a bit down the road.

  23. Trying to find an A1 right now is a massive pain in the cunt.

  24. s29 says:

    I went to a rifle match with Tula 55 grain. Other than it being my first ever match and me just sucking ass, I don't see how ammo would have made a difference. Nothing jammed and the distances we were shooting wouldn't have been affected by ammo.

  25. Yeah, you’ll find out pretty quick a lot of people on here just parrot things they’ve seen other people comment. Reddit standards are not real life standards.

  26. I have tritium night sights from trijicon that I put on a Glock slide for a polymer 80 build and I used one of those double sided mallets with the plastic and rubber. Just gave it some good whacks with the rubber end and took it slow as I didn’t want to break a tritium lamp. Been months now and they shoot fine and have not budged. So I think a sight pusher is certainly the safer way to go about it but if you are careful and don’t use a mallet that’s too hard you should be able to do it yourself in ~15 minutes.

  27. Bs they try to avoid encounters whenever possible. Hence it turning in the other direction when the guy in this video starting making noise at it. Not saying a grizzly won’t choose to fight if you startle it but I definitely think saying they don’t flee is incorrect.

  28. It’s not weird when you consider America is one of the most influential superpowers in the world. Other countries care about what’s going on here because it effects them, only America is so self centered to not care what’s going on around the world. If anything is wrong we just blame Democrats/Republicans/Colin Kaepernick/Kyle Rittenhouse etc.

  29. Yeah because when other countries act they definitely don’t put themselves first. /s

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