1. Isn't this guy supposed to be known for preaching critical thinking and wisdom, etc?

  2. Lots of flooding and damage of private property. Hooray!

  3. If we're trying to get rid of masks altogether, does it also make sense that we also let surgeons and surgical staff be free of masks during surgeries as well?

  4. What gets me is that Jordan is always on point with challenging compelled speech, and dealing with the wokeness agenda, yet he still fell for the depopulation jab. Jesus... like, how can someone so smart be so ignorant of the lies & deception brought forth from many world governments!??

  5. Where is the booster to the last booster's booster?

  6. Individuals can decide when it ends for them, including disabled people. Until then people will stick with their 'pods' and move forward at their pace.

  7. This sounds like bad news for those prone to reinfection. If only we knew who those more likely to be affected are..

  8. I had never heard of a covid comparison to HIV before this, you sure are making a compelling case for it though... Sadly to understand the complexities of this new age of disease and illness, one is going to have to be comfortable 'walking and chewing gum at the same time' in the terms we use without always apologizing for the PR around every conversation that takes place on this very important subject matter.

  9. Have we seen or heard from her since her rebound infection?

  10. When athletes and celebrities start getting long covid in bigger numbers and show more concern for covid. Monkey see, monkey do.

  11. Weren't all the covid shots supposed to prevent hospitalization AND death from covid?

  12. Only now? I would have expected that to happen way, way sooner when the overwhelming majority of the people is vaccinated...

  13. This might be music to your ears, this seems to have been happening since July actually:

  14. Totally valid for American devs. However, this is also a way for H-1B's to take over those roles at a fraction of the cost. Quality may not be the same, but quality is something that has been sacrificed before in favor of cost...many times before.

  15. Coach/mentor someone that can spot my gaps in knowledge and help them get filled in until I have the correct idea of the concept.

  16. I might be bale to help. I love css, not sure how to teach it though, but interested in providing guidance to someone that really wants to learn it

  17. Isn't the study just saying the quiet part out loud?

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