LPT: For when I can't fall asleep, keeping a notebook next to my bed and writing whatever thought that's keeping me up. It works best when it's things I have to do the next day, but even if it's just random thoughts, putting them on paper helps my brain understand that we'll deal with them tomorrow

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Neo-nazi idiots showed up to a left-wing punk concert, and got beat up on stage. The band continued to play music :)

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  1. I just started playing Factorio, and came across the subreddit and the graphic in the sidebar. I actually had the original Doom shareware that came in the box with the artwork you parodied. Awesome job!

  2. I started playing this game just a few weeks ago, and I ran into exactly the same thing as you. As soon as I hit that tutorial mission with the biters, they would kill me before I had a chance to wrap my head around what was going on. I was also feeling regret that I spent $30 on a game I might not play.

  3. Maybe it would help if you roleplay yourself as a different person? Hear me out.

  4. I’m paraphrasing, but I recall something I read on Reddit, “The perfect villain correctly identifies a problem, but goes about solving it the wrong way.”

  5. It’s like Dumbledore’s pensive. It’s also the fundamental philosophy of David Allen’s Getting ThingsDone. The trick is to later review what you dumped onto the page and sort it into an actionable todo list.

  6. Turbos in boost and smaller engine having to work harder than a lumpy v8

  7. Please ELI5. What is the relation between boost, horsepower, torque, RPMs, and speed vs a non-turbo engine.

  8. As I posted in another comment on this thread, that's what I get. I live in the city where the speed limit is 30, although I rarely break 25, because it's all short city blocks with 4-way stops.

  9. Nice shot! I wanted to get a pic or vid, but didn’t have my phone on me.

  10. If they were grey…it’s training.

  11. I forgot about the president's visit. Might be related to that.

  12. My kid is a Rage fan, so I took him to a Tommy Morello concert. We each got his "Nazi Lives Don't Matter" t-shirt. The first time I wore it, I was in a grocery store in a relatively affluent suburb. I got hot inside the store, so I took off my jacket. My wife noticed some of the other shoppers looking at me disapprovingly. I get a lot of compliments on it when I wear it in other neighborhoods.

  13. Far Cry 3, 4, and Primal. I thought 5 was kinda meh, and I haven't played 6 yet.

  14. So are column shifters a thing of the past now? It seems like new vehicles just don’t come equipped with those anymore.

  15. My 2021 Powerboost XLT has column shift. I think the fancier trim models have the one that folds in the console.

  16. I have a fancier trim model with the one that folds in the console. I’d much rather have your column shifter

  17. Yeah, I really like it. I think it’s at more practical since you’re not using up console real estate.

  18. It’s okay. I have that same one. It worked well when I was putting a paver path in my lawn. Otherwise, I prefer to use my Ryobi battery trimmer with the edger attachment.

  19. Hello Games could learn a lot from the game Factorio in regards to making inventory management and crafting not suck.

  20. He looks like one of those head-banging dudes from that Jack Black video game, Brütal Legend.

  21. It's not easy to have effective backup saves on a console though.

  22. My brain was making a sound for it 🤪🤔

  23. I've been saying for years that SoloStove needs to collaborate with Corning Glass to make a stationary transparent version of the Bonfire/Yukon.

  24. I don't think any particular compensating behaviors are prohibited.

  25. Since COVID started, I haven't personally known as many people getting sick and testing positive as I have in the last three weeks.

  26. Does the dust need to be cleaned out. Is it in an enclosed space and over heating?

  27. I'm pretty sure its an overheating issue. NMS is one of the few games that really taxes the XB1 X. The manufacturer did a terrible job of applying thermal compound, but it was good enough for most games. I went through this with mine. I can't find the exact video that I used, but I replaced the thermal paste on my XB1 X and it solved the issue.

  28. It's the series x I have not the xb1 X mate

  29. Real people actually have those? /s

  30. It would be cool if they included the option to remove asteroids and clouds from photo-mode.

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