1. Tout quitter pour être a la place de son mec 🤤❤️

  2. I hope this game will be realized on steam or gog 😄

  3. Do you plan to make this game accessible on others platforms like steam, gog or mobile?

  4. One day MILFtopia will be on steam or gog? 😄

  5. This game looks fabulous! He will be put on steam or GoG one day? 😄

  6. 100% yes i want to put my dick inside you and never leave it 🤤❤️

  7. This game will come on steam or GOG one day?

  8. It will be not soon as the 550 images it has now are still very few compared to our plans and once it becomes largely known we plan to introduce good animations (we will try to make them not worse then the Animopron animations).

  9. I hope you will make the game in the way that satisfied you the most and i can’t wait to test it 😄

  10. I think it’s gonna be the next update because in one developper note on steam one developper said he is working on one waifu and put a screen of fortune naked

  11. It will. It has already been stated. Eventually in 1.5-2 years time, hopefully less.

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