1. I’m not saying he didn’t do any of them. But how can you prove all of them? Let’s be real if someone really raped 33 people and the masses knew like they did now and nothing happened. Why is that? Is it because he’s protected or someone is not telling the truth.

  2. Even if 32 of those allegations are false, the fact he raped 1 lone single woman makes the point still stand. Fuck this dude.

  3. Top 3 favorite scenes of all time, Natalie Moore is a goddess

  4. Nice repost, how bout you check the fucking sub first before posting something the same day twice

  5. He's just not as depressed as you and has a genuinely good time being silly with his significant other

  6. He ain't, but Carti is pushing it even further. That's evolution.

  7. I just seen a picture of him laid out. It’s Looking like he really gone

  8. Only thing rent free here is you, living in ya moms guest room with her bedding and decorations, get that ass tucked

  9. prodbyzaqq commented 13 times. he is the prime example of a clout chasing r word

  10. God damn. Every time I think LTG is playing the dumb ego brute character for easy clicks he comes back with shit that really makes me think he is actually that fucking dumb.

  11. Why is Destiny talking to this clown? Wonder if LTG still has that taste in his mouth?

  12. Why do i keep seeing so many posts with NSFW when there doesn't need to be?

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