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  1. Yes it might just work but your car will certainly be vandalized in a parking lot.

  2. Thats just not true. Half my family have these stickers and have experienced no vandalism

  3. I find it odd that you automatically assume because one supports the police they automatically hate black people

  4. They usually do seem to go hand in hand though.

  5. She's not rich. God why is everyone here so fucking dense

  6. Net worth is 29 million is rich to me. Don’t know about you. 42 simps and counting.

  7. Lmfao what's your source for that she's not even a millionaire yet dude omfg you couldn't be more wrong

  8. The only bullshit is you calling it misinformation. Go argue with the NIH, that's the National Institutes of Health, a U.S. federal agency.

  9. Lmfao you just tried use drugabuse.GOV as a source. By the way all those downvotes are people smarter than you who know you're full of misinformation

  10. I'm quite sure the scientists at a FEDERAL AGENCY have done more research than you.

  11. Dude. I have had pills sent to a lab with only 1 active ingredient: mdma. Being in Crystal form is literally just a crystal form of mdma. Its the same drug. You are full of shit if you're trying to say there's no such thing as pure mdma pills. As someone pointed out there's fillers and binders, but they are pure mdma. Mdma is the drug, the form doesn't fucking matter.

  12. I had this problem and actually requested to go down to level 1, way less stress and responsibility. The hall was fine with it

  13. Why no mention of discussing the mass murder of six people and injury of over 60 others by a BLACK supremacist during the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin?!

  14. It was all over the news with a bunch outrage you lying twat

  15. What? I have a wife my own age and we have a healthy sex life because she's not a junkie and I'm not an enabling little simp. Weird that your mind would even go there though... so keep us all updated! Did you go through with your sad little revenge scheme and have her swatted? Or was this whole post a weird little fantasy in your head?

  16. Lol starting to believe you made up the sex part too, she "finally had sex with you" in one comment now you're saying you could have had it whenever and even turned her down i think you made that part up so this whole thing didn't seem quite so sad, like maybe you actually got something out of it which just doesn't seem plausible at this point.

  17. It seems these days everone wants to make money, get clicks, like, coins and all this other crap off of people's sorrow. Screw them all!

  18. Huff post doesn't spew out racist conspiracy theories though so shit the fuck up dude. "Whataboutism " is a weak fucking comeback

  19. Not a comeback. Just sharing info. I tried to oull up the same info on Tucker Carlson and I've hit the paywall for seeing the research.

  20. Look theres only one appropriate response to this article and thats "fuck carlson" or "fuck fox" you know something along those lines. But you went "oh ohh oh but what about the left wing media they're bad too!!!" It was not the correct response

  21. This seems like animal abuse, what if the dog hated it and freaked out?

  22. So just bodyshaming a total stranger all over the internet? Cool cool

  23. Don't over think it, drink it if you want no ones gonna turn you away if you're only doing it from curiosity especially if you got them usd!

  24. It’s not about the skill or craftsmanship of the guy. It has to do with someone coming onto our job site, and doing the same work for less money.

  25. Why is that bad for you? I don't get jt.

  26. It’s bad for all of us when guys agree to get paid less. Which option is more desirable to a contractor? Obviously the lower paid option. So eventually it deteriorates everyone’s pay until we all make CE rate or we don’t work

  27. It just really hasn't worked out that way at least in the last 2 locals I've been a member of. Most of the big jobs stipulate in the contract no CEs or CWs, they usually can only find work in the solar fields around here.

  28. Get up in that boom lift now boy!

  29. There must be some disconect in the US. We are dying for good labor here in the North East no matter the pay. All the work is being done by guys 50 and up with the occasional 40y/o "young guy".

  30. The problem in the us is raises for tradesmen aren't keeping up with inflation, and the union is making it harder and harder to get that license

  31. If you speed up to cut the line, I promise you aren't ever getting that merge.

  32. I promise it's not unnecessary, bad drivers like you make mine and everyone else's life miserable because of your stupidity and selfishness

  33. Hey everyone I found the idiot who doesn't understand how to merge! Go back to drivers ed you moron

  34. Stop using dude or this cycle will continue

  35. They are farms, born and raised. The odds of extinction go down alot that way.

  36. What you said is untrue. Why would you just make that up?

  37. Didn't make it up. Made an assumption and I was wrong. Which I have no problems admitting.

  38. Woah! Literally never had that happen on the internet before, hella kudos to you!

  39. Its gonna take a long time to undo the damage Trump did, all his cronies were feeling brave and forming little hate clans, we need to hunt them down and lock them up. Let drug offenders out of prisons and fill them up with racists.

  40. don't. Reminder that neither Biden nor Trump legalized weed and unless a president promises to legalize it federally they don't deserve your vote or your respect

  41. Cut off their hand if they steal? I’m kidding….there will be many down votes but there is not a severe penalty for anything, therefore no deterrence.

  42. We have some of the most severe penalties in the world for some things, we have the largest prison population in the world, the answer isn't more cops, we've been trying that for decades. People need to respect nature, I wish I had a way to force that but we dont.

  43. Weed out a few job opportunities too… (As in the office is no longer going to be hire worthy)

  44. Other police departments always hire in disgraced officers , they love protecting their "brothers in blue"

  45. Good, racists shouldn't be allowed on tinder, they certainly shouldn't be allowed to fuck and reproduce

  46. The boy who blocked his own shot

  47. Executing all known racists would be a good start

  48. Your ex is a dick and daddy is cringey af, your new dude needs to get over it

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