Firefighter administers CPR while climbing down ladder

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  1. We went from voice calls to text messaging to voice messaging and next will be text calls. Makes sense.

  2. Ever heard of Google Call Screening? Someone can answer your call with it and you’ll be asked through the assistant who you are and why you’re calling (the person receiving has to pick up and has to choose the prompts… so they’re basically using a digital assistant to take the call for them). Your answers are converted to text and it looks like a chat for the person using the screening. When you’ve told them what they wanted to know, the receiver can either let the call through or tell you to call back another time.

  3. Haven't we been going through a pandemic for the last 2+ years? Why would I send my kid to school with symptoms like cough and sore throat? Don't even get me started on the lice! Keep your parasite ridden kid at home, sharing isnt caring in this case 🤢

  4. One thing I’ve noticed in the last couple years is that a lot of people have started to think that the only reason you’re allowed time off is if you have corona. Doesn’t matter if you’re ill with something else, it’s not corona so it’s okay to still go to work. People seem to have forgotten what it was like getting ill before Covid.

  5. You can see dry rot on the sidewalls...he is lucky only that one blew out

  6. DOT says 1719 I think. Can a tire really perish that quick?

  7. Vermute Kristallen von einem Zutat/Bestandteil der Schokolade. Kristallen können sich bilden wenn die Schokolade zu schnell/zu langsam zu kalt/zu warm wird.

  8. Oh man! But it is the perfect band name for a terrible Slipknot cover band!

  9. It is. Should we start one? I’m not good at any instruments but that doesn’t feel like it matters here.

  10. Yeah nah yeah I can just like make some weird percussion sort of noises with my mouth? And sometimes I can sing but not that well. I can’t play any instruments either but you can never teach an old dog new tricks! Sayings are also not one of my strengths.

  11. Not a historian but I work at a German newspaper. We have a department called “Leserservice” (Readers’ Service) who can make digital and physical copies of archived newspapers. But it’s a regional newspaper so I’m not too sure what was on the front.

  12. In connection with your second edit, is that from the publishers no longer being in business and completely new newspapers started up after the war? Or did the names of the newspapers just change at that point? I ask that from my experience looking up older newspapers here in the US. Many changed names multiple times over their existence. The changes at times were due to ownership changes or mergers with other papers, but not always.

  13. Yes at the end of the Second World War, all German newspapers were banned and the allies helped create a completely new German Press. This process was split up between the allies and the DDR in their respective territories. Lots of publishers were closed and destroyed, some came together to make new publishers. The “Altverleger” had their licenses revoked and had to apply for new ones I think. This is how there are still publishers that existed before the war. There would have been disturbances and longer pauses in publishing during the time of the rebuild.

  14. Wooo! Another steam fair person! There's at least a couple of us here. Somewhere.

  15. I used to live just 20 minutes away from Tarrant Hinton and loved the steam fair. They used to drive right past my house and I loved watching them go by. Often they’d go by in a few big convoys. Would have loved to go this year!

  16. Ich hab noch nie Schweizer Schweizerisch schreiben sehen, das ist ja wundervoll

  17. There are lots of apps to identify bugs and insects if you want to start interacting more with them! :) Better be safe than sorry - and at the same time learn about them.

  18. Austria!? Well then… g’day mate! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!

  19. We have no food, we have no jobs AND OUR PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!

  20. Spinnenkot? Ist über den weißen Flecken z.B. auf der Decke ein Netz? Die Spinne frisst die Asseln und die fallen immer zur gleichen Stelle runter.

  21. Team Viewer is a program that lets someone else view and control your PC. Our company has it so IT can quickly troubleshoot and hopefully fix any issues. To initiate the link I know they need info from you (Device number and code from your instance of Team Viewer). Don't know if they can go in without your knowledge though.

  22. Settings can be changed to only allow LAN connections, so computers are reachable through their internal IP and not a device ID. Add another piece of software that shows computer names, logged on user etc at said IP and you know which computer you need. An unattended password can be set during installation. So theoretically you could go on any computer if you know the password. But there’s still the box in the bottom right of the person connected. I’m not sure if there’s a way to disable that box. If you can then you’d be able to go on a computer without the user noticing. Other settings like quality should be high, and “disable desktop background” needs to be deactivated. But yeah, maybe it’s possible to go unnoticed…

  23. Sigh another cat sub. Guess I have to subscribe now

  24. G’day, Spezl! Let’s put another shrimp on the barbie!

  25. I drive a manual truck at work. Many times I’ve gotten in my automatic transmission car, put it in drive and stomp nothingness trying to find the clutch.

  26. The worst is coming up to a junction and stomping nothing to press the clutch or touching the brake with your left foot 🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. Yup sans nearly breaking your ankle from trying to hit it too hard 🤦🏼‍♀️

  28. Luckily my last car was a 2001 BMW 330ci and I had a problem with the rear axle that I, even after 6000€, couldn’t get fixed. The problem meant that 95% of the time I would change gear smoothly (not riding the clutch but not whacking it into gear, either). So I got used to changing gear a bit more softly and don’t stamp too hard 😂

  29. Pholcidae are really cool and tough companions, they don't tend to eat their friends and family but they eat much bigger insects and the big black ugly spiders. The dance is a reflex when they feel threatened and have no web, in the web they would initiate fast rotation this way to make themselves literally nvisible. The best type of spider to have in the house to keep bugs in check, they're very relaxed and try to avoid bothering their hosts.

  30. These are the only spiders I’ll leave alone at my place. As long as they keep out of the way, we’re cool.

  31. Me too! I’ve always been afraid of spiders but this kind doesn’t freak me out. I had one in my window that I would wave/send flies to so it stayed well fed.

  32. Yeah gotta throw Simon a fly or moth every now and then. The fat ones (tegenaria domestica) I’ll throw outside into the garden and hope they don’t come back inside.

  33. Ah, I see their cousin showed up, too. Hello Sandy

  34. Bin vorhin auch auf Trauermücken gekommen, war mir aber nicht sicher.

  35. What a horrible moment to have eyes. The photo. Your comments. ಠ_ಠ

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