1. Honestly, this is another Ben Smith opinion that is absolute rubbish. Just trying to get clicks.

  2. The photo of Stransky's drop goal going over at Ellis Park. The most legit old guys have a wide angle shot of it in gold frame somewhere near the beer.

  3. What I love about that photo is that at the bottom of the frame is a row of photographers. All of them are taking a picture and capturing the moment, except one photographer who has his hands in the air in triumph!

  4. Boks learnt a lot. Ox and Dweba now know what is expected of them against the best. We had an off night and the AB's played the better game.

  5. Well done AB's you pipped us today. Proper test match.

  6. A few of my friends were involved in the greater lions set up when Akkers and Swys were there. They both said that Akkers was a very good manager and a natural leader however Swys was a tactical genius but terrible at management.

  7. My Xhosa isn't particularly good but from what I can tell they are singing something like "we have Dweba with us. They (the All Blacks) do not know what he can do"

  8. Pierre Spies was the big one I can remember. Played both wing and 8th man.

  9. That's Argentina, meat and red wine. After a week on tour I begged for a salad and everyone laughed at me.

  10. Nothing wrong with asking for chicken

  11. If any team can, it's the All Blacks. For most of the professional era they have set the bar. This team has the talent, but something is just not clicking.

  12. It might be my Cape Townian of me, but the area around Ellis Park is a real shithole.

  13. It's not the Capetonian in you. The area around Ellis Park is dodgy as. Inside the stadium it is great, but outside is shocking. I literally saw an older guy sending young kids out to pick pocket as fans left the stadium. Proper Oliver Twist moment.

  14. It is understandable, firstly how this first came about, and secondly how people grow up in a family that supports a certain team. People in Cape Town grow up in a Liverpool FC fans family and no one thinks anything of it. But supporting your country's main rival is a bit different.

  15. There was actually a bit on the radio on Monday morning here in Cape Town asking us to go easy on our co-workers who are both All Blacks and Man United fans. They had a tough morning at work.

  16. Ja I reckon it's Swys. The word choice he uses and overall style reminds me of Swys talking.

  17. It's true that there is a lack of set piece only props in NZ and Australian rugby, with only a couple of exceptions.

  18. NZ need to keep playing their style. It made them one of the envy of the world, such that the Boks tried to mimic it and got pummeled 57-0. They will be back. It's a mental thing right now. The players have the skills they just need to buy into the game plan and commit to it. Right now they are playing as 15 highly skilled individuals and not as a collective.

  19. Argentina over France at the 2007 World Cup. France were contenders to win going into the tournament and Argentina came through to break their hearts.

  20. Can we as a community please just ignore the likes of Ben Smith and Keo?

  21. I didn't realize pieter-steph du toit was that big. Yoh.

  22. As was Danie Rossouw. Screen doesn't quite do PSDT justice.

  23. You can take your pick of early 2000 Boks. Lukas van Biljon, Richard Bands, Dean Hall. In hindsight though perhaps they weren't as good as we thought they were.

  24. Not entirely surprising. Hope him and Beaudy are okay.

  25. The squad has loads of talent. They just are low on confidence and are not sure about the game plan and what to do when things go off script.

  26. What Willemse did there shows exactly why he is the Bok squad. The AB's scoring the try is not actually important from the Boks standpoint. What is important is that Willemse kept in the fight and did his job in making that tackle on Clark. He then attempted the jackal, and when that didn't work he immediately tried to tackle Frizell and prevent the try. That is commitment. That is what Jacques wants to see.

  27. Anyone who has played in the front row and has an understanding of what a tighthead should do understands just how good Malherbe is. He is insanely strong and while we joke about his size, his core strength is incredible.

  28. Bud Spencer is fantastic for Frans Malherbe! So on point!

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