1. Does it need to be so polarizing? I think Dahmer suffered through intense abandonment issues, alcoholism, and mental health crises. Does that make his choices acceptable? Of course not. And the first episode does a tremendous job making sure you know he's a monster. But, I feel there is a danger in blaming individuals entirely for their actions.

  2. This is very well said. The thing I thought was this is just all around tragic and it made me feel extremely complicated! But at the end of the day, there was absolutely no excuse for what he did. I got very emotional during the Tony episode. I had my first kid last year and it’s kind of ruined me, seeing how much his mom loved and cared for him…it was devastating!

  3. We on on this cruise too 🥰! And it’s also our first!

  4. I honestly thought Kristen was just a bit oblivious before but now I think she’s intentionally rubbing Deena’s mental health issues and insecurities in her face. Deena posts about her eating disorder symptoms returning and Kristen is immediately doing a story about loving her body and “get in the suit.” Deena posts about not feeling connected to her baby and here’s Kristen casually throwing out how she’s so connected to her newborn. What a bad friend.

  5. Also, do you think because he’s a rainbow baby she feels like she has to play up her connection with him? I would think it would go in the direction of “it’s HARD but it’s OKAY” more because that seems to be their specific brand. Then again this kid is a week old lol. Idk, it does feel like an emotional roller coaster on this page lately between the two of them. I’m feeling really sad and worried for D 🙏🏼

  6. Who had "fed is best" on the bingo card? Bc it showed up in an answer to a question today with a pick of the new baby, so I assume it was K answering.

  7. Me 🙋🏼‍♀️ but I wasn’t sure if I was just guessing she would go on a long thing about it bc she decided to stop nursing. Which, no shade, I didn’t make it a year! Mostly I bet on her using the phase “fed is best” over and over again and talking about it nonstop—kinda like get in the suit or whatever,

  8. Oh my gosh! I’m your age, pre-weight, and height! This is giving me hope especially since you didn’t count calories as I feel that would be super unhealthy for me. Congratulations and thank you for sharing! This is exactly what I needed today 🙏🏼

  9. This is kind a new to social work question. But what’s are some strategies on how to break back into the field?

  10. That “secret” video of Charlie confessing that his least favorite food is broccoli… 🙄 SECRET video, oh okay, like a phone hasn’t been in his face asking him about fkn food his whole life!

  11. Usually don’t snark on Karrie Locher, but didn’t anyone else find it annoying that she went on and on to prove that she didn’t go over the top for her kid’s first birthday and didn’t spend a lot and they really actually just did the bare minimum unlike some people

  12. I thought it was kinda weird too. Like what are you trying to prove to us? We know you drop like $30+ on baby pajamas like it’s nothing and spend money like crazy! So you had crockpot chili and diy decorations and now you can shade folks who do “over the top” parties and spend a ton?

  13. The photo with the baby on his own looks like sunlight/daylight on him right?

  14. I honestly was wondering about this since today in Denver was really warm and sunny (like 78-80ish) and D posted with a coat on and it looked overcast…which was yesterday and the day before

  15. As a person, I’m so glad this baby is born. As a content consumer I’m SO GLAD this baby is born!

  16. Is Birony on this list or is she like successful/IG “famous” outside of her friendship with Sarah?

  17. She’s a lying liar who lies. For “migraines” my ass. Lovely to hand your sick baby off to grandma so she can get Botox, hair done, who knows what the hell else. Prob fillers, lots o shopping for this weekend. Prob also had a “styling” session with “I hate poor people” Charly. Her face is her obsession and if it wasn’t for her face she wouldn’t have any popularity at all. It’s true. We all know it.

  18. I think it’s why I just cannot with her. She had all the resources and time to keep that face looking 💯 and maybe this is my problem buuuuut it’s hard to really feel seen as someone struggling with body positivity bc I don’t have a flawless gorgeous face

  19. I often say, mostly as a joke, that having a baby was the best worst thing that has happened to me. Its been hard on my body, marriage, sense of self—BUT I would never truly go back to my old life without my kid. I do miss the freedom but like, I have an infant and things will get better as he grows in his independence! We will adapt and adjust! He’s so sweet and so beautiful and watching him grow and my husband be a father has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me!

  20. I see Dr. Schrunk at AFM and I love her. Dr. Garbon at the shields office is pretty wonderful too!

  21. The Snoo is so passe (/s). She'll totally have a Cradlewise.

  22. Was the snoo worth it?? (Contemplating snoo for 2nd child)

  23. YES. Life changing with my second. You can rent them from their site or from people in your area.

  24. Yasss was considering renting! The desperation I felt with my first newborn…I can’t imagine having a whole other child to care for 😫 so I figured it’d be worth it

  25. Okay K. I live in Denver too so I KNOW it’s not over 100 degrees, it’s barely 90 today. Get a freaking iced latte if it’s hot out.

  26. Also, isn’t like the whole “I <3 PSLs so I’m a basic bitch” a tired ass thing now tho?

  27. Yes dude 😂 They’re all conventionally very attractive and always made up to the 9s in these posts about how they’re sooooo gross now but okay with it. Which, makeup is totally cool you do you, but that’s not postpartum for like… literally anyone else?

  28. It’s very hard to relate to birdspapaya in that way and most body positive folks because they are stunning and have the time and money to maintain it!

  29. This VHS practically came in the mail with samples of tide in the early 90s

  30. Damn, somebody in the Blogsnark thread dropped a teeny hint about a scandal involving Yummy Toddler Food's husband and wow. I had no idea she was married into that messy messy family.

  31. Whooooooooooa! My mind is completely blown. I watched a documentary on Netflix about Dolezal and she didn’t seem like she was entirely stable mentally. I’m pretty sure they were raised super religious and I’m sure there’s a lot of trauma from that itself but, wow. I wonder if they are still very religious?

  32. I half expected for both heaven and earth to have fallen when I woke up this am, you know it being D’s travel day and all.

  33. I’m gonna say there’s no way that Deenas key was in the trash truck. Not to say this couldn’t be a scenario for some, but the fact she mentioned that key like 3 times today…it just seemed so weird and contenty.

  34. Considering how much money she spends on the regular, Karrie Lochers snark on big bday party spenders is weird to me!

  35. I JUSRG listened to the big herb ep bc I couldn’t remember the deets! Also, just re-listened to the west Memphis 3 series and saw Damien Echols tweet they were released from prison 11 years ago today! Synchronicity, man!!!

  36. I can definitely understand your frustration. And I know you probably felt like it was a punishment but honestly you were just dealing with your stuff and needed some space/time! And spanking or hitting a 1.5 year old makes absolutely no sense vs just putting him in a safe space and walking away handle yourself.

  37. yes! Deena feeling unsupported during the infant stage with their first apparently pushed them to the brink of divorce (which D has been open about) and they still conceived a second child (when their first was 9ish months?) in the middle of that, as they always wanted kids “close in age.” That’s my recollection at least.

  38. Wasn’t hunter born October 2020? So if Coco was born feb 2022 doesn’t that mean she was like 6 months-ish PP when they conceived? Not trying to be that person but I think I late night did the math once and was like, dafuq? But please someone correct me if I’m way off base 🙏🏼

  39. BLF are my BEC but I was so glad to see these stories. I’m a family law attorney and I wish more people would take care as to how they discuss divorce/life changes around their children. Most of the time people just put their kids in the middle of it.

  40. All snark aside and as a child of a messy divorce, you’re totally right!

  41. Does anyone here still follow Dooce? I had stopped a long time ago but happened to see her mentioned in the main thread - wow, it's super crazy. I feel really bad for her kids.

  42. I had forgot all about her and then I read her new blog post. 😬 it reminded me of manic episodes my dad would have when he wouldn’t treat his bipolar disorder. I hope she’s getting some help 🙏🏼

  43. After Hunter was born, he didn't take immediate paternity leave. Hunter was more challenging than Deena expected and she's said she felt "abandoned" because he didn't take the leave. He did take some later. She shared that they almost got divorced during this time.

  44. Absolutely so crazy to me that she then got pregnant with her 2nd. Shit is hard for me and my husband at 10 months pp, we aren’t on the brink by any means but the change is HARD and we aren’t communicating effectively like we used to and we have both agreed to work on our relationship before having another child. Absolutely, BONKERS to me that she would stick to the “plan” of having another baby despite the breakdown. I am not necessarily rooting for them to separate and we have no idea the work they are doing but, having that 2nd felt selfish to me.

  45. Aspen is a big one here in CO!! But idk how you’d nick name it, and that seems to be kind of a prerequisite

  46. Oh my god…the typed LETTER! My dad is notorious for this!! Once he literally TEXTED pictures of the letter he wrote. He’s not even tech a boomer lol. They really are all the same

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