1. Way to be ahead, keep rolling. If your parents want to claim you til 25, it sounds like they plan on keeping a bed for you until then. Take advantage of that if you can. If you want to move out - move close to work so you don’t need a car. They are expensive as fuck and a luxury. It is assumed by most that we should all have a vehicle, this is by design.

  2. Thank you wish the best for you too . I want to get a few Welding certs just because . But I think I’m going to be a electrician. Sorry if I didn’t make that clear enough in my post . I’ve thought about a lineman and the only thing holding me back from being a lineman most likely through the IBEW (union) is that getting the class a cdl it’s not a must but it definitely helps you get hired sooner and not to mention they are pretty pricey .

  3. You’re right. You could try to get your foot in the door as a flagger or material handler (~35/hr, usually OT available); provided your work ethic is admired and you’ve put in some time, they should consider covering your Class A costs. It’s a great field of work in my opinion, and it is in need of young motivated workers.

  4. Rule 1 - never buy a new car Rule 2 - buy a used which is at least more than 5 years old. Rule 3- car expense including everything shouldn't be more than $100 a month.

  5. Please refer me to your insurer lol. I live a block from work and I spend more than that on gas per month! F

  6. You should get a bike or walk to work. Better for your health, your wallet, and the environment. There are per mile insurers out there if you don’t make any long trips too, like Metromile. Something to look into.

  7. Didn’t know per mile insurers existed, I’ll be checking it out, thanks for the rec. I do lots of riding ~1000 miles last summer and walk when I can, but I save on parking downtown if I park in work’s lot. Unfortunately I live in upstate NY so a winter vehicle is arguably necessary depending on your lifestyle.. or just don’t want to be depressed.

  8. we need to make a good impression by looking financially stable enough to take a woman out on a date, and not look broke as shit.

  9. It’s fun when they think you’re broke. Confidence skyrockets for me. Exuding confidence can be the best impression.

  10. Always always 25x my annual spending. I’m just getting there as fast as possible. Age is arbitrary

  11. Not sure about hidden but definitely a gem at Cafe 59

  12. 1 million isn't even enough to retire on if you are 60.

  13. Lifestyle dependent. But, following the 4% rule, you can still pull 40k/year while maintaining gains over (most historical) 20-year periods. Having your shit paid off helps too

  14. yeah i set it up and forgot about it idk how it works i have no financial literacy and i’m trying to change that it’s just hard bc i can’t really turn to anyone i know bc no one i know is financially literate either

  15. Most people aren’t. You’re ahead of the game! Keep it rolling

  16. Get your employer to pay you in BTC ....

  17. Fuuck thaaat. Employer discovers you’re doing well and that performance bonus is now lean… or they see you’ve made a consciously poor decision where your beliefs lose credence.

  18. Have a card (credit or debit) for payments that give you cash back - buy everything with it.

  19. I think the “etc” is referring to per diem pay; industry standard in northeast US is running at $100+/day. Also, a lot of these guys work 4 day weeks and are making 200k plus a year. Very difficult to get in right now. Best bet is start off as a flagger making over 30/hr straight time and much less wear on the body.

  20. You have to go to school during an apprenticeship to become an electrician.

  21. “Have to” is a little strong whether Union or non-Union. But non-union can do whatever the fuck they want.

  22. If you’re ever around the Buffalo area I’d happily rip around with you! I live downtown but often meet up with people in North Buffalo before heading back to the city. Lmk, it’s a different kind of riding down here!

  23. You can approach in any way - just be confident with whatever you decide. Keep things light/fun/energetic and you’ll be both have a good time without even trying. Practice helps.

  24. Oh shit. Way too much to do today already.. thanks for the reminder!

  25. Ahaha hell yeah.. Just makes you feel like a hawkey guy ya know

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