1. The comments on this thread are horrifying. Jfc leave her appearance alone and remember she is an actual human.

  2. Stayed for 10 months. It came to the point where the pros couldn’t possibly outweighs the cons. I came home in tears 3 days a week, just couldn’t do it anymore and couldn’t be happier.

  3. He looks like he just got squared up by a nucks fan

  4. Whoaa he opened for Kaskade? That’s huge good for him!

  5. not a set, but I can recommend "GAINZ N HEADBANGZ" mixes, they're pretty fire

  6. There’s another person with a matching totem that says “I’m Lisa” 😂

  7. He likes being both dominant and submissive at different times. He’s been stressed at work a lot lately so I thought taking his mind off of everything would be nice. All he has to do is enjoy and if he wants to take over at any point he can.

  8. My ex said this to me. I was 22 and he was 26. I thought I had never met anyone like him and I stayed with him for 5 years before he dumped me over text and starting sleeping with one of my friends.

  9. did you get it at the venue itself? because i'd sure love one of those

  10. Yess I did! The pop up lineup was insane but they had lots of stock after the show at the venue

  11. oh amazing!!! thanks so much. is there a way you can dm a picture? i just wanna budget since i'm moving soon :,)

  12. I’m currently not at home until Sunday but I can send it once I get home :)

  13. I believe he said on the reunion that she wasn’t actually pregnant she just needed money. She had slept with him so he believed that she was pregnant and sent her money for an abortion.

  14. That sounds like a lie he would say

  15. Hahah that’s so true I’ve never thought about it like that.

  16. That’s crazy! Wow history was truly made season 2 of vpr

  17. Ohhhhh my goodness thank you for this. He was so good I spent the whole set raging and didn’t take any videos. Fave set of the weekend.

  18. I love Ariana and I’ve really enjoyed her podcast! There isn’t a ton of structure but that’s what makes it kinda fun, it makes it feel like you’re hanging out with friends.

  19. Sale sections have some wacky stuff that is great for shambs. Online rave stores, other festivals, thrift shopping, Etsy.

  20. I think it happens to lots of people! Shambhala is amazing but can be a sensory overload. I usually need a few little breaks throughout the day where I go for a walk or chill somewhere to recharge or I’ll get anxious too.

  21. Your best bet would be meeting some local artists/people who go to smaller festivals. If you join “Coed Ravepower” on Facebook there’s lots of people who could help you answer this question.

  22. I find it so interesting to watch the first 2 seasons of Kymanda after seeing everything that happened this last season. He turns 35 and she makes several comments about how ‘it’s his last big send’ and ‘he’ll have to grow up after this’ and ‘Now that he’s 35 he’s going to settle down with her’. It’s pretty wild knowing that he in fact doesn’t do any of those things.

  23. She's kept saying it every birthday too. He's going to be 60 and she will be saying "it's time to settle down and find a surrogate for kids".

  24. Totally! It’s like 1 weekend after his birthday and she’s like “I thought you turning 35 would change you”.

  25. Twist. Twist. Twist. Twist. Then hold the band while it’s twisted REALLY tight. - you should see how it will look like a thin rope once tightly twisted.

  26. I was watching VPR right as my partner came home and this scene was on and he was immediately like “oh my god NO”

  27. So many great ones have already been said but I don’t see a lot of EDM so Rezz, Nora En Pure, Tokimonsta, Gem and Tauri, Alison Wonderland, Whipped Cream, Nero, Haliene, Sofi Tukker, JVNA, Clozee

  28. She literally says “let’s not PRETEND that you didn’t do this to yourself”. Lala=pot Schwartz=kettle.

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