1. Yes, plenty of other episodes. For me Season 8's If/Then is a wasted episode. And plenty of others that are not worth remembering.

  2. I think it's gross that all of the Shepherd sisters have slept with Mark.

  3. Nope. This is single parenting in the wake of a partners death. That is extremely hard and it should be commended.

  4. I've reread the comment and nowhere do they drag the guy. Maybe you need to reread the comment.

  5. You forgot to name Meredith Hagner, wife to Wyatt Russell and an actress as well.

  6. I don’t know how popular of an opinion it is to bring Finn back, but it definitely exists and comes up occasionally. It could be a cute throwback if she got a dog and he was the vet or something, but bringing him back as a love interest would be extremely weird lol

  7. I didn't hate Finn, but I just never saw Mere & him as couple. Just no chemistry to me. But seriously after this many years, he would have definitely moved on.

  8. I know some weren't able to understand you, but it was perfectly clear to me. I think it's the wiring in our heads cuz it seemed to confuse quite a few people.

  9. Actually Hahn did like Cristina when she initially met her and even praised her. This was when Hahn was not a cast member of GA, but it changed when Hahn began working at Seattle Grace.

  10. Other replies are correct and also wrong.

  11. Do you know what a nepo baby is? Are her parents in the acting or tv industry? If not then she isn’t a nepo baby

  12. It's isn't just about who her parents or grandparents are. She could know or her parents could be friends with someone in the industry. Either way, I don't think Camilla is a Nepo baby, but I'm not a hundred percent sure. She just doesn't strike me as one (from the few interviews I've seen of her).

  13. I don't think she's a Nepo baby (as in related to anyone in the industry), but nepotism isn't only about who your related to in the business. It's also about who know you know that has power/influence to get your foot in the door.

  14. Yeah, he mentioned this in a different publication/interview some months ago.

  15. I don't see why... I get people hate Owen but they love Kevin Mckidd. Like u can't have it both ways if Owen goes then Kevin Mckidd goes too. He's one of the best actor/directors on the show so losing him would also mean losing a regular director. Hate to break to everyone who hate Owen he's not going anywhere he's probably going to be there till then end. When I heard he was doing a show in the UK I wasn't sure what to expect. At that point it just said he joined a series not that it was a mini series or a full series. That's why I was briefly questioning whether or not Owen was leaving. Plus the news he was going to be on a different show came out around the same time Owen had the car accident last season so if it was a full series then they had a way to write him out then and there. Once it was clarified that it was a mini series I knew Owen wasn't going anywhere. Maybe Owen will be absent for a couple episodes while Kevin Mckidd promotes the show but that'll be it. I am excited about the show though. It sounds interesting plus he'll be using his real accent which is sexy. I just have to figure out where it's airing in the US

  16. That is weird to me too. But there's also people who think of Kevin Mckidd is Owen Hunt so anything that Kevin does is met suspicion. I have seen comments on here that Kevin cheated on his 1st wife and on his 2nd wife, all this without proof just based on idk.

  17. What? Ellen Pompeo was on Friends?!? I'm a huge fan of Friends and I don't remember her guest starring on the show. Wow.

  18. Missy something. I can't remember her last name. Goldberg?

  19. Not sure I would call it unpopular. Regardless, I definitely agree.

  20. It is, especially if you go by the many comments on this subreddit. So many people don't like 'em together.

  21. I'm sorry you were spoiled. Next time put the FIRST TIME WATCHER flair.

  22. I love her, but I'm not going to try and change your mind. There's always people who tell you she gets better, but I think if you're at this point (season 11) there's a good chance you're not going to change your mind. I honestly think people trying to get (generic) you to like a character makes (generic) you dig in your heels even more.

  23. I don’t recall articles like this about Eric, Sara, Justin, Sandra, Jessica, Sarah or Jesse at their exits.

  24. Why are you getting downvoted on every one of your comments?

  25. Some are expressing their displeasure as they are welcomed to do. My comments stand.

  26. I don't get it. You're not be offensive or combative in replies but people are taking offense?

  27. I don't understand this. In the U.S. and I imagine in other parts of the world there are numbers you can call to talk to a nurse or doctor (I usually prefer talking to a nurse) for help health wise.

  28. Careless Whisper - and I honestly don't know why.

  29. I do not understand that they did not discuss children before they were married. Especially sibce tjey both had such strong feelings about it

  30. While I'm pro choice and this maybe an unpopular opinion. I do understand sympathize with Owen a smidgen, due to the fact he wanted a family. There wasn't really a discussion about it, it was just Christina saying she was getting an abortion. To which Christina has the right to have one. Owen didn't get time to process and he was bottling his emotions up and just exploded. I think it would have been better if they at least had a conversation or at least Owen said how he felt and then Christina be the one to explain why and how it wasn't a good fit for her. Still go through the abortion but Meredith shouldn't have not been the one to explain that.

  31. I too sympathize with Owen, but he knew Cristina didn't want kids. She said in the OR with Callie, Teddy and Owen. Teddy looks at Owen cuz she knows he wants kids.

  32. I hear what some of you guys are saying about her having bad blood with the network, so do you think when the show ends (whenever that will be), she won’t even write the final script? That would be wild

  33. I think it is a good possibility that she'll can come back and write the final episode or episodes. She has had input even after leaving ABC. Not much, but they have gone to her for advice and such. She's just not going back to ABC - contract wise. She won't interact with them. I'm not putting this in the proper words. She's not going to be the show runner for any ABC shows.

  34. She won't return because of bad feeling with ABC executives. Years of bad feelings that led to walk away from ABC and sign with Netflix.

  35. Everyone uses filters. I watched her doc on Netflix and she allowed the whole world to see her first thing in the morning with no filters at length. In the doc you can see her in all her glory with no makeup and no filters. You can see the age related thinning hair, the forehead lines etc. and she’s still completely gorgeous.

  36. Her using filters isn't a problem, so many people do. Her using filters while advertising her skincare thereby claiming it's her skincare line that has her looking that way - is a problem. It's false advertising and blatantly dishonest.

  37. If you bring up his other victims they will literally just ignore it, too. I have had several conversations on twitter/insta and people will either never respond when I bring up other victims or just keep talking about Rih without acknowledging what I said. It’s gross.

  38. Oh no, Ive seen some people respond (to others I imagine) where they say those are unsubstantiated claims/rumors. "You really believe the rumors, huh?" Just rumors, no proof and other such bullshit. They don't want to see. You could provide links and suddenly they can't read nor see.

  39. I'm sorry, but this isn't a good pic. She looks hella uncomfortable. Like she doesn't want to be there. Body language doesn't lie

  40. It wasn't mean to be an insult, I can see that, but at the same time... She is giving praise to all these artist and the best (only thing) she has to say about Taylor Swift is about her gowns - that tells you something.

  41. There’s actually a really messed up network of illegal “private adoptions” on Facebook and other websites. It’s a major issue to the point where countries like Russia stopped adopting out kids to the US because people adopting these kids were illegally “rehoming” them without social services or any type of child welfare organization involved. There’s a terrifying story of a girl who was adopted like this by two pedophiles. Her original adoptive mother basically advertised her online like she was a puppy and didn’t do a background check or anything like that.

  42. I only knew about the rehoming of adopted kids because of a family clogger. They had adopted a little boy. After a while their fans noticed the boy wasn't in the videos. She then announced he was rehomed - for about a month or so before telling her fans. It was a big controversy and the fact that authorities know about rehoming and haven't done much about it is maddening!

  43. Oh haha. It's supposed to be vlogger, but fat fingers.

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