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  1. so basically fix QC issues. not sure how this necessitates an updated v3 version.

  2. Well in my testing the Endgame Gear XM1R (which uses mechanicals) has

  3. 2ms is unnoticeable by everyone. The people that claim they can are just placebo

  4. Does strong coffee or advil affect your ability to drive safely? When I read shit like this, it leads me to believe the OP hasn't actually tried it at all. Everything from the "kratom stoned store owners" to associating kratom with memory loss is over the top stupid. It's not weed.

  5. This is silly, Advil and coffee don’t have anywhere near the effect Kratom has.

  6. Kratom sometimes has no affect on people. The analogy is sound; I have heard many people say "Coffee affects me more than this stuff". You also called it a 'drug' in another response. It's technically a supplement, as it has no formal classification. But I would put it in the same family as any other OTC medication or herbal supplement.

  7. Good to know! So the Xlite wireless v1 super glides will fit my xlite v2 mini

  8. I meant the corepads grips but yes you are correct the feet fit as well

  9. these should fit as well then right?

  10. I’ve never used those but I assume they would fit just cause the corepads xlite regular size grips fit the mini

  11. The way the aim assist just keeps the crosshair on them is cringe. And indication that this is occurring is when you tried aiming with the sniper you couldn’t get the crosshair on them but when you pulled out the br it immediately followed the target

  12. That’s my point. He could have done the math himself.

  13. Shame about the scuff marks on the top right side 🤭

  14. That can be fixed with plastx scratch remover easily

  15. Thanks for the info! I've seen a lot of positive reviews on the v2 as well. One question though — I'm a little skeptical about the design of putting holes on the side of the mouse. Do the holes on the side bother you when you grip the mouse for a long gaming session?

  16. They actually removed most the wholes on the side except for more towards the front. Tbh this mouse feels the most comfortable out of all the other mice with holes I’ve used because of the way the holes are shaped

  17. I see! I will give this one a go then

  18. Yeah, I have 3 xlites and 2 xlite minis. I love it clearly

  19. Honestly I may get downvoted but I would classify the feeling I get off Kratom to be a high. For me it feels like a low dose percocet but way more functional

  20. yeah i’ll probably take 3 caps the first time. the measurements are weird - 600mg per pill so .6g) taking the 3 caps would be 1.8g lol then ill go from there seeing how i feel

  21. i assume they are the same - it was the only red bali on the site i got it from. and god i hope it gives me that feeling🤞i don’t do well with stims either. i only ordered the 60 to try it after that if i like it i’ll probably order more.

  22. I take red Bali only and like him it feels like a lower dose perc

  23. We have roughly the same grip style and I main a Viper Ultimate, which makes sense as you main the Model O and their quite similar to the VPU.

  24. nah b baby hands mc gee stfu and ride some cock. It's relevant because what you're asking for is essentially a size reduction and a change to the ergonomics and when you are playing with the orochi and saying that is comfortable that is a clear indication your hands are smaller. 20 and 10 my ass just like everyone has a 8 inch dick too. Keep your baby hands to yourself.

  25. Wow you’re unhinged. You should seek help. I don’t use the orochi, you obviously can’t read. And stop talking about my 8 inch cock.

  26. Yeah, I know, but I don't like palming it...

  27. The GPX comes with some terrible stock feet, so add $10 to the price tag. On top of that it uses mechanical switches unlike Razer who use optical switches. Which doesn't mean much since both latencies are pretty low, however I have heard many stories of people having double clicking issues shortly after having the GPX. I have owned two of them and haven't dealt with this issue, but just a heads up because the possibility is still there. My only reason for making the GPX my main is due to the vipers low hump, but if you can deal with it get the viper pro, seems like it would be a worth while investment. But for $110 it is a good deal compared to Razer's $150.

  28. They aren’t the worst, they are definitely useable. But from my experience they felt scratchy on my mousepads. On top of that I felt like after market skates so improve the experience with the GPX. I have had a couple of mice that have a better stock experience like the endgame xm1r, pulse fire haste, and even the shroud mouse had a better glide than the GPX and those mice cost less.

  29. I think anyone who doesn’t frequent this sub would not even notice the mouse feet at all, but were more sensitive to this stuff cause we want the best

  30. How’s the hump on the mouse?

  31. Feels good for me, relax claw grip with ring and pinky more towards the front

  32. Well idk about your hand size but I have OP's hand size 20x10 and my palm's definitely not contacting the mouse, he says he is using relaxed claw so he won't get any tiny bit of palm support

  33. I’m 20x10 and I easily relaxed claw you might be gripping to far back

  34. Does anyone know where to find the video where Lazar mentions something about human bodies being vessels?

  35. He called them containers and was mentioned in old coast to coast interviews

  36. The rgb looks good in this pic, mine doesn’t haha

  37. If you use a cordura pad the superglides are great


  39. I don’t think it’s 58, seems like that’s too wide. I would guess 54. 58 from the top but no one grips it at the top

  40. So the ten people that bought from you won’t pay for it. But everyone else that was forced to by from reseller due to botting is fucked

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