1. I'm a woman with mixed hair and I have an awesome stylist who relaxed my hair and knows how to deal with curls. Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but if so, DM me.

  2. Is your stylist still in town? I’m looking for someone to cut my curly hair

  3. they’re probably just eating low calorie, small meals. I saw a post here where Kim says she cut out all sugar, fried food, junk, etc.

  4. My theory is that hulus plan all along was to make them look bad

  5. Ah, your feet are so sexy, fuck yeah

  6. Yeah I’m convinced Hulu is making them look bad on purpose and I love it

  7. she flies under the radar because… don’t make me say it….

  8. I do want to hear her thoughts on planning this wedding on their Hulu show … just hope she doesn’t say the same thing she said for the MET look.

  9. I used to work with T. I think he is on the spectrum or something

  10. A-1 LaundroMutt. I have a dickhead mini poodle and they’re great with him.

  11. Maybe when the theme is Inverted Nipples she'll finally get that invite. 😆

  12. okay these hosts have got to GOOOO

  13. I thought we left the kissy face pose to the high schoolers?

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