1. Yes my son's father felt the same. Once I went back to work and he had to do it that went away lol now he wants me to nurse him whenever it's an option.

  2. Im 28 and I get this response too. It sucks I started playing the zero build because building is why I didn't like fortnite before. I love it now! But everyone acts like it's not a "real mans" game as you said. Even though I'm not a man I don't guess it matters lol Edit: also my boyfriend is 43 and we play with his daughter who's 7 it's a great way to do something together and we all enjoy it

  3. I mean you don't have to have it but thats about the only place I've changed my son so far and it's been 3 months!

  4. At 5 weeks exactly my son randomly started sleeping through thr night. Didn't change anything he just did it. Before that he would wake up every 1-3 hours and it was exhausting trying to get him back to sleep. Now at 12 weeks he's still sleeping through the night and last night was his first night in the crib. He did great aparently....it was also my first night shift since I had him so my first night away from him so I feel like it was a big step for him. I hope things get better for you soon❤️

  5. No I think that's a pretty normal feeling...honestly before I had my son I had no hobbies and I also had cut off most friends. I just watched movies and played video games with my boyfriend, and cooking which I love to do. And with my baby I still have time for all of that. Maybe not as much,but I'm happy. I love being a mother. But i know I'm very lucky to feel that way. Hopefully you can make time for a hobby or something that makes you feel more like your own person again!❤️

  6. I feel the same. I'm trying really hard to eat less I'm constantly hungry...I went from 188lbs before pregnancy to 250ish 11 weeks postpartum. It's hard but I know one day I'll get there and so will you!

  7. I had a girl I went to high school with sell me a bunch of cloths, smaller toys, alot of bibs and hats (like all we needed and thank God we didn't buy more), books and a bumbo seat for $20! I mainly got it because of the bumbo but everything else made it so worth it!

  8. Yes exactly this. I'm 27 but I kinda cut off most friends way before I got pregnant so I really had all my time and energy free for my baby anyways. I love my son so much and I'm excited to experience all the things with him🥰 I was never a kid person. Ever. So I had a similar view on motherhood for sure and about a month after he was born it was like I had a moment of clarity and realized that I loved it 😊

  9. Bathing suit, rashgaurd, and swim diapers. He's too young for sunscreen, so you may want to find out if there is any shade. Or see if you can find a baby float with a canopy, although that's not necessary.

  10. Get a swim diaper. You can also buy long sleeve UPF protective swimsuit clothing for babies at places like target. That can be good if you’re going to be swimming outside.

  11. My son's name is Salem and most people associate it with the salem Witch trials which is actually why my boyfriend liked the name lol some people also associate it with the show Sabrina which I love. The name meaning is peace and in the Bible its what they called Jerusalem before it was named Jerusalem. Most people don't know about the biblical association.

  12. I feel exactly like this all the time! My son's 10 weeks today, I just started working again this week. It's been so hard to leave him knowing I'm missing out on so much time with him...I take pictures of him constantly and of course there's hard days but I know I'm going to miss this so much. I'm not sure that I've cried about it but I do think about it all the time.

  13. LOL. At the hospital I used to work at it was the janitors closet. Chair was a bucket turned upside down. Glad that I work from home now to say the least!

  14. Omg that sounds awful! I thought about trying to work from home but it just doesn't seem right for me.

  15. Assuming you’re in the US and depending on your profession, the reason the HR lady said she PREFERRED you pump on your breaks is because they can’t legally require you to. Pumping is not a break, you should be on the clock. Depending on your output I think 3 times in 12 hours does not sound like enough.

  16. Yeah she said they'd ask me to clock out if I "abused" it. I'm not really sure they understand how it works but they can do that which is fine I don't really care at that point I just don't want to ruin my supply.

  17. My mom told me recently she planted mine under a tree which I actually think is kinda cool like, I have a placenta tree 😅 but I had my son a couple months ago and I didn't even consider keeping it. I just think I'd be too grossed out.

  18. This is what I bring (I started going back to work a month ago)

  19. Have you given your baby some of your milk that’s been frozen and thawed? I did not before I went back to work and I learned the hard way that I have high lipase. She wouldn’t drink it. Had to start back over on my stash. Just a heads up.

  20. Omg yes! He's just so adorable I take so many pictures of him everyday then constantly looking at them!

  21. My son is similar so far. He's 2 months and been sleeping great since 5 weeks. Go to bed between 9 and 11, wake up between 4 and 7 for a feed then back down til around 10. And like you said exclusively breastfed...I has the sleepless nights but I do hope this sticks! I don't have any other moms to talk to so no guilt😅

  22. I'm a ftm too! My son's 2 months tomorrow 🥰 I'm just gonna answer what I remember seeing...I take my son for a walk around the block or take him outside to swing, something outside for at least 15 minutes everyday, it's good for both of us. I started that around 5 weeks because I had a c section and my recovery didn't feel fast at all. At first I went for the stroller but baby wearing is alot easier to get around and baby is right there with you. It's a preference thing really...try both and see what works! The only thing I watch as far as going outside is trying to make sure it's under 85 degrees outside so my son doesn't get too hot. Leaving the house when breastfeeding for the first few weeks is hard, it feels impossible! I have a haakaa I use on the side I'm not nursing on and it's amazing. That's how I got my freezer stash! I always have around 5 or 6 Oz in the fridge in case I do have to leave and I'll nurse him before I go so that I've got a few hours. I haven't had to pump or feed away from home yet...I know it's going to happen eventually but so far my planning has worked for me.

  23. I want to make the move so bad but my 8 week old cries everytime he's in his crib 😞

  24. I usually wait 5 or 10 minutes. But I'll pick him up and burp him and massage his belly, try to help him work it out if it seems like he's still trying.

  25. I'm about to go back to work in a couple weeks and I'm terrified of this 😭

  26. If you're already using Spotify for baby sleep, I highly recommend Rock-A-Bye Baby. It's lullabye versions of all the classic faves, everything from Enter Sandman to Bennie & the Jets to Hollaback Girl*

  27. I looked it up as soon as I saw this and this is awesome! Lol

  28. I do the same with my 5 week old. He's 14 lbs his birth weight was 9 lbs lol

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