1. I haven’t had much chance to shoot and have a couple games with the Maxim 9 yet but to start with I’m def impressed with the build quality so far. Everything seems to be built as should be

  2. how did u get it? the only one I see available for purchase is for pre order

  3. First round was shipped out last week. I preordered during black friday

  4. Most airsoft magnifying acog’s eye relief suck and are quite unusable especially with a mask on. Best to get a red dot and magnifier with high risers to mount that combo high up

  5. https://www.rainbow8.com/products/guarder-magazine-spring-follower-for-marui-hi-capa-5-1?_pos=10&_sid=9cb44fb5d&_ss=r

  6. https://www.taiwangun.com/inner-handgun-parts/bb-follower-with-spring-hi-capa-guarder

  7. If you try a tm magazine and you find the slide lock back, then you’ll know that you need a strong magazine spring. Guarder hicapa mag spring for example. Would have to order overseas tho

  8. I’d buy the cz scorpion if ASG had updated the rail system to something like strikes. Unfortunately I don’t think he real deal drops right into airsoft. The outer barrel will become an issue and needs to be shortened along with the inner. UK used to have one company that sold the shorter barrels and even shortened models but they stopped few units in. Just didn’t get enough traction I guess

  9. also, by any chance you know any good mag pouches for extended mags, the one's that have been reputable seem like they can only hold normal sized mags.

  10. do the affect mobility, I never really heard of mag carrier but im probably not as experienced as you and might go for it.

  11. Not if mounted on ur belt. Unless ur belt is set up to flex. Mag carriers have been very popular since u run without flaps and retention keeps mags quick and easy to access

  12. This is actually a really REALLY good idea. I would love a pinned post or something where we can just post long format reviews so we can have them all in one place. I've written hundreds of reviews that took me hours to write just so they could be lost to time in 48 hours.

  13. Ya, I feel far less informed today about newest airsoft stuff, than I did 10 years ago. YouTube is nice and all but I do think the effort that takes to make a professional one, is reliant on making money via monetization and sponsorship. If not a retailer not already making the review. So while reviews are quite informative, they are few and biased

  14. Honestly, I would love to see it. Especially if it were updated semi-regularly.

  15. I prefer to write and post reviews on Arnies but forums seem to be pretty dead nowadays. Reddit is more active but not so friendly toward picture and text formats

  16. I got the LCT ak104 and wished I got the ak74. Just cuz the look of top gas block front rail and mini dot looks cooler. Im sure if I got the ak74, I would’ve wished I got an ak104 instead lol

  17. When u do re solder, maybe want to extend the wire length so this doesn’t happen again. Unless ur battery and tube doesn’t allow for little more wire

  18. Much obliged. It’s now my fav gbbr out of 25 in my collection

  19. My ghk aug is currently mid length, u do make me want to go cqb length

  20. Ya some of redwood inventory is already in the USA so it can be fairly fast

  21. Don’t listen to him. Overdoing is the destiny of every airsofter

  22. i mostly play in woodland fields as they are the easiest to get to although i have always wanted to try cqb cause it looks fun

  23. Another Krytac would be a good idea. Upgrade ideas would mainly be the inner barrel. Laylax prob have some quality barrels made specifically for Krytac

  24. i was looking earlier and i found the vfc avalon gen2 vr16 saber cqb which caught my eye and i also found an indoor filed near me i want to try out.But i dont know whether the gun is any good

  25. People swear by their VFC but I have read and even personally found their stuff to be hit and miss depending on the model. I own two vfc mp5’s and found the way the outer barrel mounts onto the receiver to be horrible. Just loose threads with no tightening lug. So accuracy and range is and always will be limited. The VFC HK416 gbbr and the vfc mp5 & mp5k gbb supposedly (I read) suffer too from the outer barrel being wobbly/not very stable. Huge turn off imo and think VFC shouldn’t be raved as godly and use some precaution before buying. I’m sure their m4 aegs are solid builds but wouldn’t hurt to do little more research

  26. If I had very little money but wanted to airsoft badly. I would just buy a tri shotgun and play at cqb fields only

  27. I don’t think there’s a low profile/small form for under $50. Gotta step up to the $100 range for ncstar vism 3.5x32mm or phantom GD141. I personally wouldn’t bother with airsoft magnifying acogs. The eye relief is god awful on the lose

  28. Tape is to comply with the local laws. Certainly had to open it to fit such… try testing see if works

  29. Something going wrong with ur sears. May warrant a more tedious disassembly

  30. 5.1’s are one those models that never can be modified enough lol

  31. I think u didn’t assemble ur spring correctly or it’s f’d up. I do hate v3 gearboxes for their trigger spring. So annoying to assemble in china’r boxes

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