1. I had the most fun shiny hunting in PLA, the pokedex completion feels rewarding by filling out the tasks and not just to get the shiny charm.

  2. I really hope they use the Paldea mon since it's such a disservice if not

  3. Big Mom Kureha Robin Amonde Charlotte Nami Boa Perona Tsuru Shakky

  4. my fire and bug pairs are stacked (AnniN, SC Ingo/Emmett, Alder, Leon, SS Red) so probably gonna save but only have Hala an Ghetsis for Ice but they do the job

  5. I have bias towards Luffy and the Stawhats so they're my number one. Followed by Big Mom because her crew is one of the most colorful and versatile crew in the One Piece World. After WCI, I think Oda had downplayed the Big Mom Pirates.

  6. I think normal type will have a field day once terrastalizing debut in the game

  7. I found Usopp vs Luffy more compelling because of the tension of the arc and it is the first time the Strawhats finds themselves in an internal conflict. It is heartbreaking because every straw hats witnessed this except Robin and feels like more of group's burden rather than just them.

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