1. If he's serious about clean energy he will promote nuclear. If he's pushing for on shore wind my best bet is hes not serious about clean energy and just wants to make easy money.

  2. nuclear power is dead in the UK. the sooner people realise the better.

  3. We can't afford not to have nuclear because it's the only non-emitting source that can compensate for the intermittency of renewables.

  4. its just never going to get built imo. the ship has sailed in terms of competing costs, and no government is going to have the balls to build them themselves.

  5. Enough of this nonsense. Fifty years of failed predictions, followed by more predictions from flawed models, and still governments and media toe the line. We are being played, this is about populatuon control and wealth transfer, not the climate. Stop being so gullible and challenge the activists, they have lost the right to be called scientists.

  6. https://climate.nasa.gov/news/2943/study-confirms-climate-models-are-getting-future-warming-projections-right/

  7. Can someone more intelligent than me explain why the UK doesn't take advantage of more hydro. Instinctively it makes sense that we should.

  8. basically pumped hydro capex is very high. Couple this with absolutely no government support, and private investment will not invest.

  9. I'd say he's roughly in the same position he was before he published the dossier. It's all down to the committee.

  10. A climate crisis and an obesity crisis. What do the Tories do? Make cuts to something that can help address both.

  11. Don't forget cost of living partly driven by fuel costs.

  12. An objective review of schools is a good idea but the way Ofsted inspections are done needs a big rethink.

  13. You are bang on here. The system needs ripping up and starting again. oversight is absolutely important, but it is profoundly easy to game at present.

  14. I just see this as a means to an end. Ofsted is being used to privatise the education system, but I am pretty cynical

  15. well if it is not being done intentionally, it is certainly the end result. LAs will use any excuse to jettison schools into MATs if possible.

  16. Man if I had a dollar for every time someone said real footage is from DCS or ARMA...

  17. obfuscation and obscurantism are key parts of information war

  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/ukpolitics/comments/11weapn/waste_collection_changes_risk_chaos_councils_warn/

  19. If you cant get in there, you are going to have to cut the plasterboard off the front to access it

  20. From a Times interview today which will be deleted if I post the whole thing

  21. This is the problem when you let the moral outrage of old people, who have no idea what the modern world is like, dictate policy.

  22. Abortion is a settled subject in the UK. No-one of significance is actually arguing for the kind of restrictions we see in some parts of the States.

  23. It won't be religious if it's brought to the UK. It'll be about protecting children.

  24. They've been going in here for decades it's more they've become a focus recently.

  25. I might just move to Australia. This new digital ID they’ve brought in is desperately needed here in the U.K.

  26. I feel like having an official form of ID that you can present for ID checks is better than our current system where you have to dig up P60s or council tax bills or utility bills.

  27. I feel like if an individual wants to pay for that then ok. Otherwise the system works fine as it is.

  28. You gotta play it! I have the same one and these are absolutely killer. Mine is the exact opposite of a case queen because of this lol.

  29. AO is the best non custom shop fender series imo

  30. At some point we need a national conversation about agricultural land use and food security which a) deals with our water resources and climate as it is now and will be and b) is free from the influence of those people whose interest in the countryside is primarily aesthetic. They're honestly as bad if not worse than NIMBYs.

  31. The UK is an ecological desert compared to 1200 ad let alone when Humans first reached the island. A field is essentially a factory thats somewhat nature friendly.

  32. Agreed. Even ancient woodland in most of the UK is a totally manmade feature.

  33. https://www.reddit.com/r/ukpolitics/comments/11r2qq9/i_earn_30000_a_year_and_im_still_struggling/

  34. How many of you who will not be voting tory next election feel that you will never under any circumstances vote tory ever in your life?

  35. If I thought that they had anything to offer, any talent, any good ideas, any competence etc then I'd definitely consider voting for them.

  36. Perhaps it depends on your definition. But the left is certainly far more dower and humourless.

  37. The Taiwan and South China Sea situation which is on the brink of escalating into an armed conflict that would completely unshackle China from the global supply chains.

  38. Mate if china invade taiwan, all bets are off for literally every technology going for the foreseeable. If not due to technology specific material cost, then due to general increased capex on projects.

  39. Considering that this is an event that is forecasted to happen at any point between right now and a few years from now, it should probably be factored into just about all of the decision making going on now, no? This at the very minimum means scrapping solar energy as a credible transition target for the foreseeable future.

  40. Possibly, but you could say that about any project that requires steel surely? Or you should at least be factoring in an X hundred percent rise in capex. These are project killing increases in costs btw. If you try and factor in every eventuality like this you will be frozen and end up doing nothing. Better to plough on and hope nothing happens frankly.

  41. A bail out just leads to moral hazard, just as it did in 2008.

  42. If bailout = all executive level employees banned for life from any of the same or related industry

  43. Actually I appear to be thinking of Nest - no OpenTherm support with Hive. Amazing that's still not a thing. Either way, you want to avoid Hive.

  44. Yep Nest definitely does. Hive does not currently

  45. As someone who doesn’t understand Emin’s art and whose most surreal experience in life was walking through a Hirst exhibition and hearing people say positive and engaged things about it that made absolutely no sense to me, should I vote Tory now?

  46. What do you get out of more traditional art, out of interest?

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