1. I live in Portland so I'm a tourist from Gold Beach to Enterprise. But I think I'm a pretty good tourist and here's a short list of things I do to minimize impact.

  2. I don't know why everyone doesn't keep a jar of wasp pheromones in the fridge. It moves cars quickly but don't forget to glove up.

  3. I wish I could relive my youth and find a sweet charcoal gray 1982 Chevrolet Cavalier that smells like a moldy pet.

  4. The AC Gilbert House is (was?) the best childrens' museum in the Northweat until about 2018, in my opinion.

  5. So it was a mentally-ill, drug addicted psychopath who couldn't easily be evicted despite his violent, threatening behavior and lack of rent payment because of strict eviction regulation and housing first policies, and non-existent accountability for criminal behavior, and not capitalism and property ownership that burned the building down..? I really can't understand how that's possible, it just doesn't make any sense...

  6. Apartment manager here. Yes, most of the tenant protection laws passed in the last 8 years or so are to protect people like the arsonist named in this news story.

  7. Will you please post a pic of one of your rocks that has a good story attached to it?

  8. Would love to post some rock pics, can’t figure out how to upload photos on comments? (Fairly new to making my own posts on Reddit!) Lol

  9. It's Memorial Day weekend. So I'm going to avoid the coast and any other touristy type areas due to the massive number of people that are going to flock there.

  10. Based on traffic yesterday afternoon, it appears that 70% of Portland residents are out of town.

  11. The Molalla River and Forest River Rd is my personal favorite

  12. What is your name for Owl's Eye? I've found everyone has a different name for it.

  13. Uhhh idk we have lots of names for random parts down the river. Paradise, narrows, sundial, etc. Never heard of owls eye though

  14. I have a bucket of sunstones that my girlfriend and I got from around Hart Mountain.

  15. To be fair, there really is a house on Hwy 26 in Prairie City with about 30 Fuck Biden flags.

  16. Kayak fishing with a buddy in Twin Lakes or Detroit Reservoir!

  17. It was good last summer when I visited twice. The fire-scarred hills are a little saddening to see, and fisherman's bend campground was closed last time I passed through, but the bite was strong last summer and the water was gorgeous. Bite is strong in Twin Lakes right now too.

  18. I stayed at Fisherman's Bend 2 weeks before the fire. Was a great campground for kids or large groups and it will be sorely missed.

  19. Did you cache water/food? Seems like that would be the trail to do that on since a lot of points are seemingly accessible by road.

  20. You mean like stash stuff to pickup on the trip? Nah, it was only 3 days. A couple of MREs, 2 boxes of Lara Bars, oatmeal, a couple ramen noodles, and a bag of jerky got me there. There’s plenty of streams to filter water.

  21. That place was getting scary before the ban. Someone was even murdered there.

  22. I'd love for the state to buy more riverfront parcels on the Willamette to expand the Greenway.

  23. More parks.... While people sleep outside on concrete and have no restrooms, going crazier and crazier by the year...

  24. Seems counterintuitive to take money from people 2 checks away from being homeless to give to lawyers and developers and government officials that promise to fix homelessness.

  25. I think the "This building wasn't up to code and should have had a sprinkler system" people are the same people that would propose a new law bans building upgrades that require disruptions in water service.

  26. I lived in this building for about a year and it was on some crazy slumlord shit and had the worst property management I’ve ever encountered. It’s not surprising that they just moved her from the basement instead of addressing her unit getting leaked. There were some really wild things that happened in and around the building so this is sad but I’m not shocked.

  27. If my basement apartment was prone to flooding I would rather transfer units than deal with a weeks-long mold remediation process. I am assuming the management company would also be happy to transfer a tenant rather than have a demo crew try to work in an occupied unit.

  28. The real treat is pulling it up in google maps and seeing

  29. Which (mild spoiler) drainage cylinder answers the phone?

  30. A condition for getting an Oregon Driver's License (if you didn't live here in 6th grade) should be to go to a week of Outdoor School--regardless of age.

  31. It's Mothers' Day weekend, so you best hit up SK nursery in Hubbard and buy a hanging basket of flowers for mom.

  32. I was in the Willamette yesterday (appropriately thermally protected for work) and it’s indeed still chilly. Thankfully it’s not moving too fast right now, but definitely still moving. I’m sure the smaller rivers are all running a bit higher and are significantly colder right now, too. Stay safe out there!

  33. I was on the Santiam, McKenzie, and Calapooia last weekend and all three were high, fast, and ice cold.

  34. Now this is the kind of drama I want more of on Reddit

  35. Yes if you are young or active or still restless. No if you are older or settling down or have something to lose.

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