1. Not related, but please can you tell me how to tag the location in the heading? I don’t know how and the bot keeps deleting my posts! Thanks in advance

  2. Your post has been automatically removed because you did not include one of the required [location tags]. You can view the valid location tag list at

  3. Soft scrub with bleach has worked for me for hair dye stains!

  4. Confirming that the magic eraser and Scrubbing Bubbles foam cleaner worked!!!

  5. I've had great luck with the clorox bathroom bleach former and a magic eraser. I spray the stain with the foam, let it set for a bit, then scrub at it with a magic eraser and a bit of water for a sec. It's worked for me on a few different showers!

  6. Yep! I called the hair “transplant/revitalisation” a year ago. Looking lush and they look wonderful. Gave me a big smile 😊

  7. I’ve considered hiring an escort, but I haven’t taken action on that front yet. I’ve only explored the surface

  8. Do not do that. I would never date a guy who had been to a hooker and imagine if you had kids and if they found out their dad went to a hooker. Horrible! You’re young! Be interesting, kind and not creepy and you’ll meet someone nice I’m sure

  9. Do you live in a big city? You will definitely find someone down for that I’m sure but it can’t be transactional. You need to like the person, take them for dinner, get to know them and then it will turn into more. Some women much faster than others. You can always start with “I just want to see where things go” but make that clear.

  10. Exactly. They know that maybe I’ll go home or I’ll keep searching and find a higher paid job elsewhere. I think that’s why.

  11. Thank you. Coming from an English speaking country with great experience I thought I’d have an equal footing in Canada but it’s been very disappointing

  12. No I don't think they would have been paid to be there. If anything , I think the celebrities would have paid themselves for the opportunity to be there if they could have been, as I can imagine lots of celebrities want to see Adele live. Adele chose the audience of celebrities that were present as she wanted to mostly perform in front of some people that she knew, some people she had not met before.

  13. I agree she chose the people, but these are famous faces in a big production that has just made her millions… they would want a cut of that for showing their faces in it… if you look on IMDb most of the people shown are listed as cast members… so I do think they got paid.

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