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  1. Macho Man Randy Savage is the most emotionally responsible person in my life. I think I need new relatives.

  2. My mom always taught me that if an action affects other people, you should consider other people in evaluating that action. If an action doesn't affect other people, it's none of your damn business. This seems like common sense, but holy hell there are so many "adults" that bitch about their rights while constantly inserting themselves into other people's lives...

  3. How many teams? How many weeks? How much can each team play each other?

  4. There isn't a serial killer in NH. I live along the Merrimack river. There are an abundance of homeless people camped out along the river. The river is pretty dangerous in its own right. It's technically possible, but very unlikely. People just like to speculate because otherwise NH is pretty boring.

  5. Lol remember when he made fun of a handicapped man during his campaign rally and said, of a woman, "grab her in the pussy?" No, I don't remember that either. Biden is far from perfect, but at least he isn't a fucking moron.

  6. You have enough space to live and seem to have enough amenities to be happy. Anybody who is mean about that certainly doesn't know what it means to live on their own.

  7. So next time you have to pee and nowhere to go, I'm allowed to put you outside? Sounds good to me.

  8. Dude had to pee.. teach him to pee in the tub or take him out more often. If I had to pee and nowhere to go, I might do the same, depending on how bad I had to go.

  9. Easy going and assertive right next to each other. This profile seems dubious at best.

  10. Because it's played in Alchemy, which most people hate; which is why it isn't played more.

  11. Grow up. You're not entitled to somebody because you had feelings. She can do what she wants. And apparently it isn't you. Find somebody who WILL like you.

  12. Getting other, lengthy things started isn't a toxic trait. It's cooking. If you know a protein is gonna take a long time to cook, get that started and then dice your veg.

  13. I'm gonn go ahead and guess that the mystery is why, not how..

  14. I eat a lot of chicken thighs, those look excellent. Any chance you can give a little insight on the cooking method you use? I tend to broil and coast while basting, but it's difficult keeping the skin crispy while still getting that BBQ flavor on there.

  15. West coast sunsets must be nice. I'm never up early enough for the sunrise.

  16. Mixon and Diggs are the sweet spot for me. Or JT and Evans.

  17. Asking for a friend? ;) In all seriousness, before I mock, I make an effort to verbally, out loud, say either "serious" or "experiment." It's a super small thing, but I used to mock my buns off for fun and then draft day would roll around and I'd completely screw myself by being a coward and then having to adlib my picks.

  18. The Mac attack has the potential to be very real this season. Parker, Thorton, Meyers, Bourne, Henry; if Agholor and Jonnu click this year, that's quite the deadly aerial assault. ALL of those guys are very good. The problem was that we were relying super heavily on Myers and Henry last year. Bourne was good for some bombs, but the defense was able to sell out on the run/blitz attack a lot of the time. And with Stevenson in the doghouse and White hurt, we didn't have a ton of checkdown options. This year I think if they can get their OC stuff sorted and transition into the new system... it could get real spicy.

  19. Bills at number 1 after losing their OC. Browns at 10. Dolphins ahead of BOTH the Titans AND the Pats.. lol k.

  20. This is why I switched to Explorer. Alchemy ruined Historic.

  21. Honestly, Washington Psychadelics is still better than Commanders.

  22. Cliches and stereotypes in the writing, broad-spectrum bad acting, and anything that's been rebooted.

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