1. Whats tragic, right before she hit the house, she had gotten into a minor accident and people were trying to get her out of the car but she just drove off. She would have probably gotten a DWI but she would still be alive today if she had stopped. Such a shame

  2. TMZ was following her around, why? They approached her when she first crashed and maybe that scared her off.

  3. Everything surrounding Anne recently has been quite horrific, but there’s some solace knowing that her organs will be able to help those in need. Addiction is a powerful and often dangerous psychologic disorder. May this serve as a reminder for us all to reach out to our loved ones and be bold enough to show concern & compassion to those around us. Be well, friends.

  4. Agreed. I saw some videos of her recently and she was showing all the signs of someone asking for her help. She was clearly under influence. I’m sad that she didn’t have people around her to do an intervention or get her the help she needed. She changed so much after she got divorced and kept some people around that probably were not good influence. Ugh. I was hoping she would come out of this and get help. Praying that she’s found peace now.

  5. there were a few blinds about them esp during the time they were filming. loved how she posted their chemistry on her IG before

  6. They were cute together. Like they had the same vibe. I remember when they went to six flags. Wonder if they’re in good terms to promote this movie together. She’s dating the dude from ozark now and said a few times she doesn’t want kids so

  7. Yes and I remember how cute they were and how supportive they were of each other. Word is that they hooked up, but she doesn’t want to have a baby or get married again so it was never gonna work. Wonder if they’re in good terms? If they’re going to promote the movie together or nah.

  8. Yesss. Both are busy with their careers right now but both want to have a baby soon. Manifesting this.

  9. i think pete is fake af. i’ve def dated guys who pull a 180 on you and it hurts.

  10. You mean deux? Yes she was outed. They’re nepo babies from nyc. It used to be two women running the account now it’s just one.

  11. Lol what is your obsession with Scott. He didn’t fake anything with Scott. Why is it shocking that two guys from NY got on. Kim wasn’t hyping as a new cast member and Kris even said he hadn’t really filmed for season 2. As far as we know his only in the Met Gala episode.

  12. Yes she was. Can’t remember where but Kim said she had given him some tips on how to film a reality show. And said he didn’t need to feel pressured to be funny all the time. She was counting on him to make a new narrative (rather keep the Kete narrative) for season 2.

  13. Seeing Kardashian Kolloquium trying to overintellectualize this into an iconic moment was so annoying. She knows a lot about media theory and the Kardashians, and shockingly little about any pop culture beyond that.

  14. Yep. Lmao Hillary Clinton trended on Twitter for a lot longer than Kim (or Kylie) did that night and got better praise for her dress than Kim. The dress was a total flop but then in the following days it turned into this big controversy.

  15. I will NEVER stop saying I think the dress event was still somehow related to Kanye.

  16. Nah. Kim has always looked up to Marilyn. Marilyn and Elizabeth Taylor have been her idols for like forever. She didn’t understand the assignment. The theme was “the gilded age” home girl thought that meant Hollywood + gold stuff. I bet she took into consideration what Kanye said about her being thee modern Marilyn Monroe though. Her narc self fooled her. I also think Pete and DiMaggio have some similarities and she probably wanted to channel them, after all it was their big debut as a couple.

  17. No and I think it’s a shame that they pride themselves in being sexual objects.

  18. Gorgeous. Wish they would build a replica of the ship and leave it somewhere so we could visit and walk around and eat… Sigh.

  19. Always been trash and very right wing. The comment sections are always the worst. But they’re pretty much like the original gossip girl. Page Six used to be bigger than they’re now dunno what happened.

  20. Bradley Cooper and Gaga. They’re both very good at the PR game and I think they forced things a little during the promo tour of the movie. I don’t think they dislike each other but they played along to sell more tickets and get award nominations. Y’all remember their performance at the Oscars lol

  21. I think that’s true. I think Mason has Armenian features but he looks like an Armenian version of Scott. Imo Chicago looks a lot like Kim. Penelope sometimes reminds me of Kourtney. But that’s about it. True looks absolutely nothing like Khloe, just mannerisms. Oh and Dream looks a lot like Rob.

  22. Haven’t seen the trailer and tbh now that Pete is gone I have zero interest in watching. Usually tons of new shows/new seasons come out in the fall, so if they don’t step up ratings will probably be low.

  23. Have to say the rep thing is super shady to me, but the rest not so much. I think E! made an honest mistake (lol), Kim got a lot of likes with her Pete posts so no way she’s deleting those. I don’t think she’s embarrassed of him or anything like that. I wonder why deux thinks there’s a chance they will get back together tho. She’s been saying that for days. Wonder if Tracy said something or what, but then again it’s deuxmoi lol

  24. What did she do to her eyes? 👽. Also her lips look different. And the hair… ew.

  25. I wonder if Jordyn would expose them. I don’t see her doing that kinda shit but she was the first person that came into my mind.

  26. So according to his readings *Pete will successfully get under Kim’s skin by doing something to piss her off, like calling her out on her being a hypocrite or something. Kim will have no choice but to respect his pettiness because Antphrodite predicts that Pete will get petty. *They are annoyed with each other right now *she will go easy on Pete and will try to be on good terms with him *Pete might date someone that will piss Kim off, like someone she knows or a friend of hers

  27. I’ve always thought Kim getting closer to Kanye as soon as Pete left for Australia was hella shady. And I agree with this guy, it’s totally plausible that she’s been saying shit and making fun of Pete behind his back. We all know Kimmy has a big mouth and talks shit about everyone behind their back.

  28. Whatever. I feel she’s gotten arrogant and her last album was meh. Not the first time she says something out of touch.

  29. Jennifer calls the paps everywhere she goes and it’s not cool. Her kids despise them and apparently Ben’s kids do too. Word on the street is that Ben has been complaining about the amount of paps following them. If Bennifer lasts 30 years I’ll be surprised.

  30. You know what, I’m not even judging her for these statements knowing I’m JUST as dramatic as her because I have an extreme phobia of bees stemming from my childhood (was stung on my eyelid as a little girl and that sealed the deal for me on bees lmao). I love the theatrics and I love how she comes up with the most absurd lies for no reason. She’s so me

  31. Yeah, being a pathological liar and creating drama to seek attention is not cute or normal. This is not an attack but seek help.

  32. Lol. I don’t think Jameela should be bullied for it or anything, but she definitely made up/exaggerated a bunch of stories about accidents and her health. Perhaps the most troubling are her inconsistent accounts of previous cancer scares. The bee stuff is just straight up funny but I wonder if some of the other, more serious claims indicate underlying issues. Not sure why someone would make stuff like that up otherwise.

  33. She’s a narcissist and bullies other people online too. We give her attention because she says some controversial nonsense stuff. Let’s not portray her as the victim here cause there’s no need to

  34. Internalized misogyny is real. And the fact that she decided to air this part … is just gross.

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